Poetry Month Day 10: On Streaks

Since when did streakingbecome something poets dideach day in April? All I really knowis I’m not as ambitiousas WordPress would think And while statisticscan offer encouragementthey’re sometimes heavy: an extra bag tosling over a tired shoulder,drag to the next day or so, until Idecide enough is enoughand just let it go. Post-script: What can IContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 10: On Streaks”

Poetry Month Day 8: Honey, I (should) Love*

There was that podcast the other dayabout tacky stuff.Not the tape or the glueor the stick-em-up putty,but the stuff that doesn’tdeservelove or fandom,but somehowgets us. Things I love more than a person should: boxed macaroni and cheese, singing in front of my children,plain marshmallows, new school supplies, the feeling of flossed teeth Things I loveContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 8: Honey, I (should) Love*”

Poetry Month Day 23: Draft Form

The poem I wanted to writewas an apology to my studentsbecause today I was crabby and impatient and how at first I thought it was abouttechnology(because technology) and not about how there is so much about me that is broken and not about the outragethat day after day after daypeople are shot first and foughtContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 23: Draft Form”

Poetry Month Day 20: On Storage

This poem is also an entry for the Slice of Life weekly writing challenge. Go give them a visit! What do you do with all of your ideas,they wonderedthat you gather during the day? She thought a moment,pursed her lipslooked real hard to her left(as if something were there)then she shrugged her shoulders and said,Continue reading “Poetry Month Day 20: On Storage”

Poetry Month Day 19: Litter-ati

Her head is litteredwith poetic debris – random shrapnel of thoughtsthe daily barrage of metaphorthat obscures her vision: the cairn of rocks from her nature walkhow trees grow through fences (and how they’re like some teachers)the many places where she stores her ideashow grief attracts more attention than joythe waiting-for of lilacsthe student who opensContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 19: Litter-ati”

Poetry Month Day 15: Investment

When I was ten,my grandma-from-Californiapaid for me to have piano lessonsand whenever she came in town she’d sit me down at the piano bench and say “Well, let’s hear my investment,”and I’d playAnd most often she would nod and smileas I playedbecause I sure did practicebecause she needed to get her money’s worth And thenContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 15: Investment”

Poetry Month Day 8: On Cockroaches

When you get down to it,We really should likeCockroachesMore than we do.They are evolution’s rock stars,Shining beacons ofPersistence and carrying onAnd all that jazz. I should offer nothing but respectButThe very thought of them scuttling(I can’t picture them doing anything but scuttling)On floorsOver countersInMyPANTRYIs enough to send mePast the heebiesInto the full-on jeebies AndI knowContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 8: On Cockroaches”

Poetry Month Day 1: Untitled

is what you call a poemwhen you sit down to writeand the words flutterevery which-waydespite yourpleas toland is when you have just wrestledmetaphor to withininches of its life,nailing it downtying itto a chair* is for words wriggling too fastwhen you try to capturethem, but they keep onsquirming away,writhing outof yourhands so you just shrug yourContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 1: Untitled”

Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*

I sit on the floor, legs splayed,Jigsaw pieces scatteredMy work is cut out for me. Most people open just oneBut I wonder where the funIs in that. Take out one box, two boxes,SixDump the pieces out and See how it comes together. You say you like to sort for EdgesColorsPatternsGood luck with that. It wouldContinue reading “Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*”