Poetry Month Day 2: Nothing Gold

I just needed one thing,but in my driveto the store Italliedthe things I could alsogather, untilI saw I couldn’t which reminded me of thebarbecue sauce I’ve soughtacross five stores andjustcan’t findto save my life, or that one frozen dinnerthat was always my favorite, never to be found againin the freezer section, or those dried applesorContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 2: Nothing Gold”

Poetry Month, Day 1: Why Poetry

Of course, she thoughtOf course I can write emailsAnd articlesAnd storiesAnd reflectionsAnd journal entries Of course, she thought,There’s something to be saidFor prosaic expression:Tamed thoughtsHerded wordsIn nice neat linesIn nice neat columnsOf nice neat paragraphs And of course, she thoughtThere comes a pointWhen words need to spillInto whatever shapeOr formOr styleThey demand And it isContinue reading “Poetry Month, Day 1: Why Poetry”

Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*

I sit on the floor, legs splayed,Jigsaw pieces scatteredMy work is cut out for me. Most people open just oneBut I wonder where the funIs in that. Take out one box, two boxes,SixDump the pieces out and See how it comes together. You say you like to sort for EdgesColorsPatternsGood luck with that. It wouldContinue reading “Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*”

When Poems Find Me

Sometimes a poem strikes me, and I’m able to write it in the moment. I get an idea for an image, a phrase or a metaphor, and I just can’t help myself. Other poems are more coy. They want me to write them, but maybe I have too much to say and don’t know howContinue reading “When Poems Find Me”

Important Poetry

Once again, my students and I are composing poetry, this time based on Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book. It’s such a charming read, and both the kids and I love how Brown takes ordinary things in our lives and sees the poetry within. The kids wanted to write their poetry today about paper. So, I joinedContinue reading “Important Poetry”

Poetry Month – Entry 2

The Poem I Didn’t Write   Was the one about Our favorite tree, The one out front that you can’t get your arms around. The one my boys and I picnic under On lazy summer days while we Watch the drivers Pass life by The tree that grants quiet strength, Steadfast devotion (not unlike myContinue reading “Poetry Month – Entry 2”