Slice of Life: Pre-Emptive Gratitude

We don’t have a snow day today, and I’m about as happy as a wet cat. Something deep within me ached for a day back at home, even if it still involved a full day of classes and meetings. The thought of getting up early, bundling up, clearing off the car, of navigating barely passableContinue reading “Slice of Life: Pre-Emptive Gratitude”

Slice of Life Tuesday: Missing Dreams

Today for the weekly Slice of Life challenge I knew I had a poem to write, but wanted to experiment with language and form. I came to a modified version of a triversen, a William Carlos Williams-created form consisting of six tercets: 18 lines in 6 stanzas. I’m still tweaking and working and thinking, butContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday: Missing Dreams”

Little Folks, Big Ideas

My third graders have been delving into philosophy, of all things. Because if little minds deserve ANYTHING, it’s the ability to wrestle with BIG ideas. I’ve been using resources from The Prindle Institute to support our work. Our questions lately have focused on: what is alive? what is real? After an AMAZING webinar with myContinue reading “Little Folks, Big Ideas”

Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble

Guess what brave things I did today?a) I got out of my bedb) I committed to working out – and didc) I announced that I wasn’t cooking dinner tonightd) All of the above Of course, there was something I didn’t do today, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m wise, or because I wasContinue reading “Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble”

This is Not a Paper Clip

this post is dedicated to A.H., whose cleverness and sincerity make me deeply proud to know such wonderful people I’m easy to please. Which is good, because as a teacher and as a mom, I can’t wait for big grand gestures to bring me a sense of satisfaction or well-being. I’d be here all day.Continue reading “This is Not a Paper Clip”

On First Days

This. This photo. It sums things up. Every year since my older guy started kindergarten, I’ve brought my kids to the local breakfast place for a traditional first-day breakfast. Over the years, we’ve toggled it a bit. For a while, I worked in the same district they attended, and our annual ritual celebrated a beginningContinue reading “On First Days”

Putting a Pin In It

*this post is dedicated to J.O., who never ceases to inspire me, and who also reminds me how important it is to be the best version of myself* Here I am, back after what is way too long a hiatus from writing. What’s kept me? Inertia, pure and simple. I wasn’t in a space orContinue reading “Putting a Pin In It”

Who’s Going to Win?

Sometimes I wrestleWith which side of me will winMy full attention Is it the cynic,Fatigued with unrequitedEffort, time and heart? Or the optimist,Ever on the lookout forSimple signs of joy: Letters from students:The real live ones, right from theReal live true mailbox; A dog, so loyalShe insists on herding meTo my couch corner So sheContinue reading “Who’s Going to Win?”