A Heart, Moved

There were so very many thingsThat moved my heartTodayIn one direction or another: There were timesMy smile reached past my earsAnd perhaps to my toes There were timesMy smile falteredJust a little bitI heard it crackRight along with a fewPieces of my heart There were timesMy smile held firmIn the enoughOf now.

Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*

I sit on the floor, legs splayed,Jigsaw pieces scatteredMy work is cut out for me. Most people open just oneBut I wonder where the funIs in that. Take out one box, two boxes,SixDump the pieces out and See how it comes together. You say you like to sort for EdgesColorsPatternsGood luck with that. It wouldContinue reading “Poetry Month: Piece of Mind*”

April Fool’s

If ever there were a year that April Fool’s were both welcome AND despised, this would certainly be it. NO ONE is in the mood to mess around with anything. And yet, at the same time, we need humor and levity more than ever. As a teacher, I’m often conflicted about April Fool’s jokes inContinue reading “April Fool’s”