Poetry Month Day 8: Honey, I (should) Love*

There was that podcast the other dayabout tacky stuff.Not the tape or the glueor the stick-em-up putty,but the stuff that doesn’tdeservelove or fandom,but somehowgets us. Things I love more than a person should: boxed macaroni and cheese, singing in front of my children,plain marshmallows, new school supplies, the feeling of flossed teeth Things I loveContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 8: Honey, I (should) Love*”

Poetry Month Day 24: Repairing the World

There was a lot that I enjoyed about writing today’s poem. For one, it came as a surprising counterbalance to yesterday’s post. I also gathered inspiration from my time today with an incredible group of educators through the Just Schools Cohort. The work my colleagues do inspires me to do better, to be better. That,Continue reading “Poetry Month Day 24: Repairing the World”

Poetry Month Day 20: On Storage

This poem is also an entry for the Slice of Life weekly writing challenge. Go give them a visit! What do you do with all of your ideas,they wonderedthat you gather during the day? She thought a moment,pursed her lipslooked real hard to her left(as if something were there)then she shrugged her shoulders and said,Continue reading “Poetry Month Day 20: On Storage”

Poetry Month Day 19: Litter-ati

Her head is litteredwith poetic debris – random shrapnel of thoughtsthe daily barrage of metaphorthat obscures her vision: the cairn of rocks from her nature walkhow trees grow through fences (and how they’re like some teachers)the many places where she stores her ideashow grief attracts more attention than joythe waiting-for of lilacsthe student who opensContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 19: Litter-ati”

Poetry Month Day 18: Poem

Today is a Sunday. Which is traditionally my Sunday Sit-Down day. But it is also April 18. So today, Sunday Sit-down will have to take a proverbial back seat. Six years ago today, I was with my husband, enjoying a beautiful spring day while working the hostas in the garden. I received a phone callContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 18: Poem”

Poetry Month Day 13: A Win for Standardized Testing

*Special thanks to S.T., whose gratitude for her time together with classmates together inspired today’s poem Dear Standardized Testing, Thank you. Thank you for bringing me these loveys – Thank you for bringing me these loveys – these loveys who miss one another Thank you for bringing me these loveys – these loveys who missContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 13: A Win for Standardized Testing”

Poetry Month Day 12: Why There’s No Poem Today

I was way too tired at the end of the dayfrom running around as the human pawnin a Nintendo game,and I AIN’T FEELIN’ IT. I ran out of good words to stringtogether by ten a.m. andran on fumes ever since then,so I AIN’T FEELIN’ IT. I know that writing is the best wayto express allContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 12: Why There’s No Poem Today”

Sunday Sit-Down #13: All The World

Each Sunday, I’m working my way through my experiences with race. I’ll share stories and memories from throughout my life. I know I’ll encounter moments of growth that I wish I could relive. I’ll also have to think back on choices that I wish I could remake. Come join me each week. All the worldContinue reading “Sunday Sit-Down #13: All The World”

Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed

Humor.It’s all timing and audience. The feeling of having a jokethat is absolutelyhystericalbut having to one to tell it towell that’s rough. I mean, I knowwhat I’m saying is WILDLY inappropriate.Maybe even dark.It’s alsoreally freakin’ FUNNY. And I can’t even laugh as loud as I would if I heard that joke myself because who laughsContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed”