Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble

Guess what brave things I did today?a) I got out of my bedb) I committed to working out – and didc) I announced that I wasn’t cooking dinner tonightd) All of the above Of course, there was something I didn’t do today, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m wise, or because I wasContinue reading “Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble”

This is Not a Paper Clip

this post is dedicated to A.H., whose cleverness and sincerity make me deeply proud to know such wonderful people I’m easy to please. Which is good, because as a teacher and as a mom, I can’t wait for big grand gestures to bring me a sense of satisfaction or well-being. I’d be here all day.Continue reading “This is Not a Paper Clip”

On First Days

This. This photo. It sums things up. Every year since my older guy started kindergarten, I’ve brought my kids to the local breakfast place for a traditional first-day breakfast. Over the years, we’ve toggled it a bit. For a while, I worked in the same district they attended, and our annual ritual celebrated a beginningContinue reading “On First Days”

Putting a Pin In It

*this post is dedicated to J.O., who never ceases to inspire me, and who also reminds me how important it is to be the best version of myself* Here I am, back after what is way too long a hiatus from writing. What’s kept me? Inertia, pure and simple. I wasn’t in a space orContinue reading “Putting a Pin In It”

Who’s Going to Win?

Sometimes I wrestleWith which side of me will winMy full attention Is it the cynic,Fatigued with unrequitedEffort, time and heart? Or the optimist,Ever on the lookout forSimple signs of joy: Letters from students:The real live ones, right from theReal live true mailbox; A dog, so loyalShe insists on herding meTo my couch corner So sheContinue reading “Who’s Going to Win?”


Right now, I’m wrestling. I’ve gotten such a good thing going with posting online, with writing every day, with cultivating a writing community around me. It’s made me a better writer. It’s made me more confident. It’s allowed me to shed the yoke of perfectionism that keeps me from putting my work out into theContinue reading “Tug-of-War”


Because I do not knowhow to leave well enough alone Because the shedding of one obligationoften just meansit is time to don another And because there will neverevereverbe a timewhen I feel I havedone enoughwhen I feel I am enoughfor my students I have begunanother venture:offering to be pen palsto thosewho cravehumaninteractionthrough REAL LIVE LETTERSinContinue reading “Send-Off”

This Is Just To Say*

I have turned inthe paperthat was formy class and whichyou were probablywonderingwhen I’d finish Congratulate meit was my last oneso happyand so done *after William Carlos Williams Yes, today I hit “send” on the final term paper of my second graduate school degree. And while I wasn’t originally planning on making it the subject ofContinue reading “This Is Just To Say*”

How is it Possible

How is it possible that I’ve gone four full days without writing something new? At the beginning of March, I committed to myself that I would write every day. And to tell the truth, I’ve been pretty great about maintaining that commitment to myself. So what gives? It’s not a lack of time. Although workContinue reading “How is it Possible”