Poetry Month Day 8: On Cockroaches

When you get down to it,
We really should like
More than we do.
They are evolution’s rock stars,
Shining beacons of
Persistence and carrying on
And all that jazz.

I should offer nothing but respect
The very thought of them scuttling
(I can’t picture them doing anything but scuttling)
On floors
Over counters
Is enough to send me
Past the heebies
Into the full-on jeebies

I know this says something about me
And my lack of humanity, that
It is a metaphor for
Tolerance and compassion

Call me a monster
If you will
There is satisfaction
In a well-timed
Crack and

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9 Responses to “Poetry Month Day 8: On Cockroaches”

  1. Raivenne Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This was hilarious.

    I cannot help but play cockroaches-advocate here and offer this perspective. 😀

    The Distance

  2. Tim Gels Says:

    Well, yes.

    We should have more respect, but I find that difficult as well.

    “Past the heebies / Into the full-on jeebies” is awesome. 🙂

  3. Fran Haley Says:

    Leave it to you, my friend, to come up with a most intriguing perspective on ANYTHING! So, okay, I can agree that cockroaches (shudder) are deserving of a certain degree of respect if not admiration on their ability to survive nuclear war (“and all that jazz” – love that). Yet they fail to inspire anything remotely warm. Except maybe, you know, bile rising… furthermore they trigger asthma, a nefarious thing indeed…okay, okay, not that they CHOOSE to. But. I must tell you a student’s observation after one of us (not saying WHO) smushed a cockroach flat in our auditorium: “Oooooo,” said the student, “it looks like a Moon Pie!”

    -You’re welcome! :O 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. theapplesinmyorchard Says:

    Oh, YUCK! I feel how much you are grossed out in this piece! I’ve always found cockroaches disgusting but they are kind of amazing- There was a display at the Buffalo Zoo that we’d gawk at and wonder if the were the same ones from a year ago- I’m sure they were! Again,Yuck!

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