Slice of Life Challenge 2021 Day 2: She’s Listing!

Today marks the second day of March, the second day of the Slice of Life blogging challenge. I’ve committed to write each and every day during the month of March and – who knows? – maybe even longer. Join me! Sometimeswhen we see a trusty old galsmooth sailingwe think wowhow does she do it little do theyContinue reading “Slice of Life Challenge 2021 Day 2: She’s Listing!”

Why I’m in the Living Room

watching the British Bake Showand not in the family roomwatching TVat the end of a long dayright by my husbandis because after enough timestanding on my feetrubbing my eyestaking a breathshaking my head as Istare at the world about me I have decidedthat I am donewatchingfictional shows about the real world

Long Day

Today was hard. It was long, and it felt heavy in my hand and in my heart. It was full of colleagues, and students, and friends, and family members, who are struggling in one direction or another, and who needed time and love and attention and compassion. And I gave it, in one direction orContinue reading “Long Day”

Joy in the Time of COVID

So many moments of wonder,Of joyTo hold high and to honor – A real live letter from a student pen palColleagues who find strength in one anotherThe college son who just feels like a chatBlue skies, uninterruptedA new recipe that worksWalks with friendsWatching people you love do what they love All these moments of wonder,OfContinue reading “Joy in the Time of COVID”

Ever Have That Time…

…when your seventeen year-old starts complaining that there aren’t any healthy snacks in the house, so you tell him you’re going grocery shopping and are taking requests for healthy snacks, and then he doesn’t suggest any, and then you come home after school and invite him to come shop with you so he can findContinue reading “Ever Have That Time…”

Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble

Guess what brave things I did today?a) I got out of my bedb) I committed to working out – and didc) I announced that I wasn’t cooking dinner tonightd) All of the above Of course, there was something I didn’t do today, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m wise, or because I wasContinue reading “Thought Bubble, Speech Bubble”

This is Not a Paper Clip

this post is dedicated to A.H., whose cleverness and sincerity make me deeply proud to know such wonderful people I’m easy to please. Which is good, because as a teacher and as a mom, I can’t wait for big grand gestures to bring me a sense of satisfaction or well-being. I’d be here all day.Continue reading “This is Not a Paper Clip”

On First Days

This. This photo. It sums things up. Every year since my older guy started kindergarten, I’ve brought my kids to the local breakfast place for a traditional first-day breakfast. Over the years, we’ve toggled it a bit. For a while, I worked in the same district they attended, and our annual ritual celebrated a beginningContinue reading “On First Days”

Who’s Going to Win?

Sometimes I wrestleWith which side of me will winMy full attention Is it the cynic,Fatigued with unrequitedEffort, time and heart? Or the optimist,Ever on the lookout forSimple signs of joy: Letters from students:The real live ones, right from theReal live true mailbox; A dog, so loyalShe insists on herding meTo my couch corner So sheContinue reading “Who’s Going to Win?”