When Poems Find Me

Sometimes a poem strikes me, and I’m able to write it in the moment. I get an idea for an image, a phrase or a metaphor, and I just can’t help myself. Other poems are more coy. They want me to write them, but maybe I have too much to say and don’t know howContinue reading “When Poems Find Me”

Right Poem, Wrong Assignment

Today I had my fourth graders write about something small, taken for granted, or unappreciated. We started with a poem I wrote and shared about lowly feet. Then it was time for the kids and me to get cracking. I meant to do the assignment along with them. I really did. But I couldn’t thinkContinue reading “Right Poem, Wrong Assignment”

More Important Things

Once again, I got to enjoy composing alongside my students today. This group of fourth graders was also working on “important” poetry, but we decided on pencils as our object. Here’s my contribution: The Important Poem The important thing about a pencil Is that it is sharp. It’s long, it’s yellow And you can twirlContinue reading “More Important Things”

When the Writing Gets Tough

First of all, happy poetry month! Those of you who read my blog know that I enjoy writing alongside my kids. I like to share my work and my struggles with them. The week before break, I asked the kids to take on an ambitious poem: to title and write a piece about an importantContinue reading “When the Writing Gets Tough”

Do You Remember Me? National Poetry Month, Day 5

Do You Remember Me? You… You, with that faded bonnet, The microscopic handwriting, The comics you drew me, The moldy mess we excavated from your desk, The orange sweatshirt you always wore, The April Fool’s joke you played on the class, How you didn’t speak until February, How your grandma was your rock, How youContinue reading “Do You Remember Me? National Poetry Month, Day 5”

Why I write – Poetry month day 4

Why I Write There is a certain Satisfaction That comes with cooking a good meal. It’s the love stirred in The effort of smelling, tasting, listening, editing Until it seems just right And the hungry ones take it in And where there was once noise There is the quiet Of grateful and appreciative chewing. AndContinue reading “Why I write – Poetry month day 4”

Priorities (National Poetry Month Day 3)

Priorities Sometimes when I shower, I (full of distractions) grip the soap Too tightly, and It pops right out of my hand. I used to Reach for it blindly, Block it with my elbow, Slow it down with my knee, All to keep it from Hitting the shower floor; A valiant effort That many timesContinue reading “Priorities (National Poetry Month Day 3)”