Why I write – Poetry month day 4

Why I Write There is a certain Satisfaction That comes with cooking a good meal. It’s the love stirred in The effort of smelling, tasting, listening, editing Until it seems just right And the hungry ones take it in And where there was once noise There is the quiet Of grateful and appreciative chewing. AndContinue reading “Why I write – Poetry month day 4”

Priorities (National Poetry Month Day 3)

Priorities Sometimes when I shower, I (full of distractions) grip the soap Too tightly, and It pops right out of my hand. I used to Reach for it blindly, Block it with my elbow, Slow it down with my knee, All to keep it from Hitting the shower floor; A valiant effort That many timesContinue reading “Priorities (National Poetry Month Day 3)”

Poetry Month – Entry 2

The Poem I Didn’t Write   Was the one about Our favorite tree, The one out front that you can’t get your arms around. The one my boys and I picnic under On lazy summer days while we Watch the drivers Pass life by The tree that grants quiet strength, Steadfast devotion (not unlike myContinue reading “Poetry Month – Entry 2”