#SOL20 Day 29: Word Casserole

I started today with a bucket full of words:
I trounced through the house with it overfull, sloshing,
Spent a few on the phone with my mom,
A few more with my sister,
Then held out pretty full
Until I got to my school work:
Email upon email, text upon text, I found myself
Rooting through, hunting
For only the best ones
And letting the rest spill away –
And now I worry
That now it’s time to write
And I’ve emptied my supply
So I’ll gather up a few I’ve
Needlessly dropped,
Cobble them together like casserole
And serve them up
In the hopes they will satisfy.

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15 Responses to “#SOL20 Day 29: Word Casserole”

  1. Anna Maria Says:

    And satisfy they do. It sounds like your Sunday was spent as busily as the robin building its nest in my holly tree today.

  2. georgiaaustin1 Says:

    I absolutely love your slice. I honestly have never thought about emptying my supply. At the end of each day my husband is so eager to talk. All this time I thought I was just too tired. In reality, my supply was empty!

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Yes! Exactly! Something tells me it may not *quite* work that way, that words might be in the same supply as love or compassion, but…it sure FEELS like I get emptied out by day’s end!

  3. evarkaplan Says:

    Wow. You captured the moment and your inner thinking in such a beautiful way. This reminds me of picture book about words. They are so important in our lives… and we often treat them carelessly.

  4. mrsday75 Says:

    You captured this so well, that moment when you sit down to write and you have to pull the words that are left from your brain. Thanks for sharing what most of us feel at some point.

  5. Fran Haley Says:

    They more than satisfy. Rich cobbler straight from the oven with ice cream on top, every mouthful a delight. You’re a gourmet chef of words, Lainie – you make something extraordinary with them, every time.

  6. arjeha Says:

    Most satisfying. What a great way to compose a post. I am sure we all have felt our word bank has dried up and we can’t find anything to say. Your words do not fail.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thank you! Although…they pretty much “*did* fail me on today’s post. Ah well. I guess writing every day doesn’t mean I LIKE what I write every day…?

  7. mschiubookawrites Says:

    And a satisfying slice it is! Such a creative flair in this post. Thankful you saved us some leftover words.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thanks! Extra helpings for all. Although – if I thought this post was gathered together after a deflating day, it was NO comparison to how things went today. My fingers are crossed that tomorrow’s post will come to me with a fresher brain.

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