#SOL20 Day 8: Signs of Spring

I always love that first day I start to notice signs of spring. Here’s a little old thing I wrote to celebrate.

The sun whispers to the spring soil,
“Come out, my friends, it’s
Time to play!”

Is it that they don’t hear?
Are they still cold,
Waiting afraid for
Winter to pass?
Who will be the first to break forth?
Not the blazing forsythia
Nor the big-headed iris
Nor the overbearing peony


Only humble crocus,
Braver and
Than its delicate petals get
Credit for
Breaks the silence.

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9 Responses to “#SOL20 Day 8: Signs of Spring”

  1. Sharon Gubser Says:

    Love this! Spring makes me so happy.

  2. Elizabeth M Rimkunas Says:

    Saw some crocuses on my walk just a while ago. I stopped and stared. You are so right- They are so brave, no concern for potential March snow storms! You must share with your students! Lovely diction. I will think of your poem on my March walks.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thank you in so very many directions! Perhaps I will share this poem with my kiddos. I’ve started to get a bit braver myself about sharing my own work with them, but I think it offers a bit of “street cred” when I’m encouraging them to be writers.

  3. Tamara Jaimes Says:

    Beautiful! I love how you contrasted the other show-y flowers with the brave crocus; it paints the whole first-of-spring in a whole new light!

  4. Fran Haley Says:

    How perfectly you characterize the iris, peony, and forsythia for their showiness, against the seemingly delicate crocus in its humility. And the whispering of the sun to the soil … so lovely.

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