At the Edge of Wild, Part 2

You may want to read part 1 before this post. Or not. Who knows? It just may stand on its own. But I’m trying a hybrid fiction-poetry piece, and to be honest? I’m kind of digging it. she satthere,a pixelsuggesting a curve in the road, away from her linesand her listsand her rulesand her placesandContinue reading “At the Edge of Wild, Part 2”

Emptying My Pockets

of the seeds that rattle around,the ones that want to grow: the poem about my wilderness within that story about the Wifegoing out into that world that entry about school stuff being just like chores the poem aboutrecipeswritten in the handsof those I love that letter expressing myprofound gratitude that other storyabout the womanwho carriestheContinue reading “Emptying My Pockets”

Advice to a Young Writer of Fiction

The secret, she said,with a wink is to remember that this world is yours: howdoes the protagonist emergeand whathas he gainedand whathas he won that is up to you, and it does not matter how strange the settinghow twisty the plothow odd the characterhow silly the events you can take us anywhere as long asContinue reading “Advice to a Young Writer of Fiction”

Under the Wire

Today’s writingwill get snuck in Like bites of chocolatefrom the pantrywhen the kids aren’t looking Or the trip to the bathroomonly made possibleby the teacher across the hallwho will watch to make sureno child explodesin my absence Or the extra steps I gainby parking in thevery last spotat the grocery store Or the moment ofContinue reading “Under the Wire”

A Burden I’ll Gladly Bear

TodayI could reach into my bagDeepdeepdeepAnd rustle upSomething good: My teen guy,Shambling into the kitchenFor one of thoseRare and CharmingExtended chats aboutNothingOut of nowhereThat reminds me howTeen parentingIs a lot like being on call Or A video chatWith sweet kiddosWho need help withOrganizationmanagementfollowthroughBut really needTime to connectAbout udon noodlesOr stuffiesOr ways to hide salmon inContinue reading “A Burden I’ll Gladly Bear”

Ode to the Dinner Table

Now that so many of us are home, perhaps it’s time to once again write an ode to an ordinary object that just doesn’t get its due. Most of the time,You don’t notice me –You just seeThat water from last night’s dinnerPretending someone will drink itOrThe mail, sorted on people’sWorn placemats untilIt’s put out ofContinue reading “Ode to the Dinner Table”

How I’m Doing

It’s around about this time of year that I give my fourth graders a fun warm-up activity. I ask them to tell me how they’re doing, but to respond in haiku. I love haiku. It’s an easy little way to get some poetry in, and I usually think I’m copping out by doing it, butContinue reading “How I’m Doing”

On Transformation

Everyone, it seems, Is ready to make this timeMy next timeTo siezeAn opportunity! If only I hadthisresource!thislink!thislist!thisadvice!thischallenge!thisguidance!thisinformation! But What I really know is All I needIs a momentTo rememberThis timeMay not beThe timeI emerge from my Chrysalis But rather Perhaps All I need Is a cocoon.

A Heart, Moved

There were so very many thingsThat moved my heartTodayIn one direction or another: There were timesMy smile reached past my earsAnd perhaps to my toes There were timesMy smile falteredJust a little bitI heard it crackRight along with a fewPieces of my heart There were timesMy smile held firmIn the enoughOf now.