Poetry Month Day 10: The Work is Great

Today, I had the privilege of working again with other leaders from my Just Schools Cohort. Together, we’re working across districts to advance equity and justice in schools. This team of professionals…they’re amazing. And even on days where I feel discouraged about my own work, and my own progress, they are there to remind meContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 10: The Work is Great”

Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed

Humor.It’s all timing and audience. The feeling of having a jokethat is absolutelyhystericalbut having to one to tell it towell that’s rough. I mean, I knowwhat I’m saying is WILDLY inappropriate.Maybe even dark.It’s alsoreally freakin’ FUNNY. And I can’t even laugh as loud as I would if I heard that joke myself because who laughsContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed”

Poetry Month Day 6: On the Natural (Dis)Order

You could say this poem is a continuation of my reflections for the Slice of Life challenge about the need for a strong, steady chocolate stash in a school. I stand by what I wrote, even if my observations this week speak to the contrary. Clearlythere is a problemin our world:there is some kind ofimbalancewithinContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 6: On the Natural (Dis)Order”

Poetry Month Day 3: On Birthdays

Birthdaysshould be markedby cake and ice cream,Instagram posts and Facebook wishesOr texts, the kind with heartsAnd balloonsAnd silly memes butthis time next time every time I’d settleforanything that fills the absence. I draft and scribble out poems in my head: a catalog of today’s distractions our conversation in the sun today the four times IContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 3: On Birthdays”

Poetry Month Day 2: Now it Makes Sense

The last dayshave feltlike my shoes were on the wrong feet,like the stuck wheelon a shopping cartor the rattle at the front endof the carthat has to mean something,if I could figure out what I can’t for the life of meunderstandwhy words won’t come,why they feel so heavy and slow,why they sink beyond my graspwhyContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 2: Now it Makes Sense”


Because I do not knowhow to leave well enough alone Because the shedding of one obligationoften just meansit is time to don another And because there will neverevereverbe a timewhen I feel I havedone enoughwhen I feel I am enoughfor my students I have begunanother venture:offering to be pen palsto thosewho cravehumaninteractionthrough REAL LIVE LETTERSinContinue reading “Send-Off”

This Is Just To Say*

I have turned inthe paperthat was formy class and whichyou were probablywonderingwhen I’d finish Congratulate meit was my last oneso happyand so done *after William Carlos Williams Yes, today I hit “send” on the final term paper of my second graduate school degree. And while I wasn’t originally planning on making it the subject ofContinue reading “This Is Just To Say*”

The Important Thing (Hope)

I’ve written several poems inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book. My principal asked me to share a poem on a given theme for our poetry month celebration, and I realized I haven’t yet written a poem on that theme. So I’m going to give it a go. I might like what I write.Continue reading “The Important Thing (Hope)”

Marking Time

Today marks five years since my brother’s passing. Five years since I was working with my husband thinning out the hostas on an unseasonably warm April Saturday and I got the call that my brother was in the ER and that things didn’t look good, that I’d better come down quick. Five years since IContinue reading “Marking Time”

The Answer Is…

NO.No, I’m not posting a continuation of the story I started earlier this week.No, I’m not surprised that e-learning in our state now extends until June. YES.Yes, I’m glad I was “with” students when I heard.Yes, I’m heartbroken and sad. NO.No, I’m not quite sure entirely how I feel.No, I’m not sure where I’m goingContinue reading “The Answer Is…”