Poetry Month Day 11: Emptying the Pockets

From April 21, 2016. I thought about writing a poem that described how I was feeling. Realized I had already written one: She told meThat someone told herTo set asideTimeEach day for aReckoning,A counting of thingsOne carries. After checking my pockets,My shoulders,My soul, I have thisListOf what I brought to school today:My tea thermosA schoolContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 11: Emptying the Pockets”

Poetry Month Day 3: Birthday Tribute

Today my niece would have been twenty-one. Birthdays. They’re weird when the person we wish to celebrate is instead memorialized, made tribute-to. Grief is weird. Today, I’m sharing the poem I wrote last year because I don’t think I can do much better – but I’m adding an encouraging post-script for those of you whoContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 3: Birthday Tribute”

Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed

Humor.It’s all timing and audience. The feeling of having a jokethat is absolutelyhystericalbut having to one to tell it towell that’s rough. I mean, I knowwhat I’m saying is WILDLY inappropriate.Maybe even dark.It’s alsoreally freakin’ FUNNY. And I can’t even laugh as loud as I would if I heard that joke myself because who laughsContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 9: Humor, Badly Timed”

Poetry Month Day 2: Now it Makes Sense

The last dayshave feltlike my shoes were on the wrong feet,like the stuck wheelon a shopping cartor the rattle at the front endof the carthat has to mean something,if I could figure out what I can’t for the life of meunderstandwhy words won’t come,why they feel so heavy and slow,why they sink beyond my graspwhyContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 2: Now it Makes Sense”

Upon Re-Entry

I’ve been here. I’ve returned to school after a devastating loss before, and I did it again today. Days like these are strange, tiring and full of uncertainty. Will I be able to hold myself together? Can I make it through? Do I have it in me to accept the “we missed you’s,” the knowingContinue reading “Upon Re-Entry”


As we scroll through our newsfeedsAnd text one anotherAnd see post after post after postAnd listen to the newsAnd speak to one anotherOf her passing – As we mourn her presenceIn our world, her strengthIn the face of adversity, her voice,Silent – As we claim her lossWith our own grief – As we rememberHer workHerContinue reading “Requiem”

Marking Time

Today marks five years since my brother’s passing. Five years since I was working with my husband thinning out the hostas on an unseasonably warm April Saturday and I got the call that my brother was in the ER and that things didn’t look good, that I’d better come down quick. Five years since IContinue reading “Marking Time”

#SOL20 Day 11 (Bonus): How Bad am I at Grief? (Or…will it always be too soon?)

In my daily blogroll, I came across Laughing Squid’s post about comedian Glen Tickle, whose Netflix special is in tribute to his late brother. I can picture myself tuning in. I picture my own brother looking on from wherever he is, perhaps laughing along in that laugh I can never unhear, visiting me later onContinue reading “#SOL20 Day 11 (Bonus): How Bad am I at Grief? (Or…will it always be too soon?)”