The Answer Is…

No, I’m not posting a continuation of the story I started earlier this week.
No, I’m not surprised that e-learning in our state now extends until June.

Yes, I’m glad I was “with” students when I heard.
Yes, I’m heartbroken and sad.

No, I’m not quite sure entirely how I feel.
No, I’m not sure where I’m going to “put” this information.

Yes, I’m going to keep up my daily pep talks.
Yes, my dog Peep will still be my trusty co-star.

No, I’ve no idea how to talk daily about new stuff for eight weeks.
No, I’m not sure how I will keep things fresh and new and exciting.
No, I’m not sure how many new motivational mantras I’ve got in me.

Yes, I’m going to keep going anyway.
Yes, I’m going to keep connecting to my students.
Yes, I’m going to worry about my loveys.
Yes, every single one.
Yes, and their families too.
Yes, we will get through this.

No, I don’t know how.
No, that doesn’t matter.

Yes, we will get through this.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

4 thoughts on “The Answer Is…

    1. It was so weird – and fitting – hearing the news together with my 5th grade students. My heart is in lots of places…

  1. So many truths, shot straight. I have been worried about the little ones I supported in reading who didn’t have devices and now that those have been provided, they still aren’t joining their classrooms. The loss is immeasurable. On Twitter yesterday I saw something about not lamenting how far behind kids will be/how much greater the gap in the fall but looking forward to seeing unique individuals each with their own talents and gifts … there’s truth in that but to me it’s pretty clouded. I believe in kids and their gifts and, yes, we must be positive about a fresh start — but now is now and now is hard and now is muddled. We have no choice but to muddle through daily and I mourn for what’s happening to the kids’ education. We can’t even think of the word “fair.” It’s pointless. I recall when I was on the fence about going back to college for a teaching degree (never imagined such a thing). My first principal said “Just love the kids, The rest will come.” I think it applies more than ever now, Your loveys … they know. Each day you’ll find a new and creative (simple!) way to show them. It’s who you ARE. And don’t forget to love you, too ❤

    1. Yes, right now we are definitely in one of those “the only way out is through” sorts of times. We have no choice but to demonstrate strength and resilience and love for those around us.

      As for my ways to show them I love them? This week my pep talk will feature tours from around my house. Today, it was what’s on my fridge. Tomorrow, the trinkets on my dresser. Books to read pile are next!

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