Slice of Life Challenge 2021 Day 2: She’s Listing!

Today marks the second day of March, the second day of the Slice of Life blogging challenge. I’ve committed to write each and every day during the month of March and – who knows? – maybe even longer. Join me!

when we see a
trusty old gal
smooth sailing
we think wow
how does she do it

little do they know

she’s listing
eversoslightly listing

keeping balance
rocking toandfro
listing one way

then the other

finding the tipping point and

listing right on back


Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

26 thoughts on “Slice of Life Challenge 2021 Day 2: She’s Listing!

  1. What a cool play on words! I love poetry and how minimal words can create such a strong picture. My eyes enjoyed your format and the visuals. I’m wondering what your highlights and different colors might mean? There’s nothing like smooth sailing. This was the goal of my previous teaching. I didn’t want it perfect, but I wanted dialogue among students and teacher to go back and forth smoothly by providing effective feedback.

    1. Thank you! I originally started this blog entry as more of a journal, but the idea of a poem came to me and I knew I needed to change course. As for the highlights and colors, it’s one way that I prioritize my lists. I chunk things up into manageable groups, plot out the amount of time I think things will take, schedule myself, that sort of thing. And let’s be clear – I hardly EVER finish a list, but I can generally stay on top of things enough that the anxiety about task completion fades. I’d also say…YES. The interactions between teacher and student will ALWAYS be full of adjustments, tacking left or right, knowing when to ride those waves and when we’re sailing into the wind. Hmmm…maybe there’s a new metaphor there, too! Perhaps you’d like to pick that one up for a post…?

    1. YES! I’ve been writing a lot for various purposes, but not enough for FUN. Figured it was time!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Jen. Yes, I’ve grown to depend on them for survival. I won’t even tell you about all the different places where I keep all my different lists. I’ll let you use your imagination =)

  2. Wow, this is very innovative and intriguing. Lots of food for thought, I think your highlighting is a great idea…me, I rarely even write the lists, so never get the chance to try any prioritising! I also love the play on words….makes for a great slice!

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I give myself enough changes to play with my writing, so it was good to have some fun for a change. And…I didn’t use to be such a list-ophile, but it’s a habit I’ve slid into over the last couple of years to keep myself on top of things.

  3. Lainie, this is so cool. I’m not a list maker (okay, full confession: I start a lot of lists, then find them weeks later), but I’m in awe of those who can do it. I love your sailing metaphor. It’s so accurate; we’re all listing in one way or another!

    1. Thanks! I had actually started a different blog post about the lists, but when the “listing” idea came to me and tapped me on the shoulder, I couldn’t say no.

  4. Lainie, this is such an awesome idea for a blog post. I love how you captured your day-to-day organization. I also love the repetition at the end. I have a feeling a few more slice ideas will be sparked by those lists. Keep on listing.

    1. Thanks, Allison! I appreciate the encouragement. As for the listing, YES. It’s how I live. And I also strongly believe there’s a certain poetry to lists as well. Guess THAT is the subject for another poem as well…

  5. This is very creative. We do not realise how much we write ‘in lists’ but I am impressed by the way you strung the photographs of lists with words. So organised. The slice helps the reader infer. Thank you

    1. Thank you! This was a poem that brought me along for a surprise ride. I hadn’t thought about the idea that the poem ITSELF was organized, but I suppose I see that now. I like that layer! Thanks for noticing that!

  6. I like this. I remember how recently I feel like I have scattered many lists throughout my notebook and sometimes I get to cross stuff out sometimes they just creep away. One day I’ll make a master list. A list to end all lists! lol if only. Maybe I’ll think of my lists as art rather than things to avoid. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oooh a MASTER list. Now THAT sounds like an accomplishment! And…I am of the FIRM believe that there is poetry to lists, so I think you have something there, Jonathan!

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