What’s in a Question?

Today I was walking and talking with my niece from California. I love that we can still find a way to spend time together, albeit separated by two time zones. I’ll be honest. Whenever I speak with her, it’s a recharge of my spiritual batteries. She’s a wonderful person and I always feel better whenContinue reading “What’s in a Question?”

Life with Teens, Exhibit R

Teenagers are cats. Try and chase them down. They’ll scurry off into their respective corners with a hiss. Better to stay the course knowing that at some point, they’ll come out on their own terms. Mostly for food, but sometimes you get lucky. Today started with a heated argument over the Monty Hall problem. TheContinue reading “Life with Teens, Exhibit R”

The Important Thing (Hope)

I’ve written several poems inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book. My principal asked me to share a poem on a given theme for our poetry month celebration, and I realized I haven’t yet written a poem on that theme. So I’m going to give it a go. I might like what I write.Continue reading “The Important Thing (Hope)”

The Answer Is…

NO.No, I’m not posting a continuation of the story I started earlier this week.No, I’m not surprised that e-learning in our state now extends until June. YES.Yes, I’m glad I was “with” students when I heard.Yes, I’m heartbroken and sad. NO.No, I’m not quite sure entirely how I feel.No, I’m not sure where I’m goingContinue reading “The Answer Is…”

At the Edge of Wild, Part 2

You may want to read part 1 before this post. Or not. Who knows? It just may stand on its own. But I’m trying a hybrid fiction-poetry piece, and to be honest? I’m kind of digging it. she satthere,a pixelsuggesting a curve in the road, away from her linesand her listsand her rulesand her placesandContinue reading “At the Edge of Wild, Part 2”

At the Edge of Wild, Part 1

thanks to Memoir of a Writer for providing the inspiration for this post. “Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed … We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and lookContinue reading “At the Edge of Wild, Part 1”

Emptying My Pockets

of the seeds that rattle around,the ones that want to grow: the poem about my wilderness within that story about the Wifegoing out into that world that entry about school stuff being just like chores the poem aboutrecipeswritten in the handsof those I love that letter expressing myprofound gratitude that other storyabout the womanwho carriestheContinue reading “Emptying My Pockets”

Advice to a Young Writer of Fiction

The secret, she said,with a wink is to remember that this world is yours: howdoes the protagonist emergeand whathas he gainedand whathas he won that is up to you, and it does not matter how strange the settinghow twisty the plothow odd the characterhow silly the events you can take us anywhere as long asContinue reading “Advice to a Young Writer of Fiction”

Old Dogs

Today I taught myself a new trick. If I weren’t too cheap to do so thrifty about WordPress Premium, what you’d see below is video of me putting a sweatshirt on while doing a handstand against a wall. Instead you’ll get my play-by-play. Why, on God’s green earth, should I put it into my headContinue reading “Old Dogs”

Cooking Something Up

Today, I was talking with a colleague about wanting to set up a writing community with some teachers in my district. Just a place where teachers who like to write can share their work, get feedback, troubleshoot and commiserate. Part of that is because after participating in the Slice of Life story challenge, I’ve madeContinue reading “Cooking Something Up”