Story Challenge Day 29: Requiem

Well, it finally happened. After six years of wearing my absolute favorite shirt on the planet, I put it on for an afternoon workout, only to discover a giant hole right under the arm. I don’t even know how it happened. I wore it last week. Was that hole there last week? I mean, IContinue reading “Story Challenge Day 29: Requiem”

Old Dogs

Today I taught myself a new trick. If I weren’t too cheap to do so thrifty about WordPress Premium, what you’d see below is video of me putting a sweatshirt on while doing a handstand against a wall. Instead you’ll get my play-by-play. Why, on God’s green earth, should I put it into my headContinue reading “Old Dogs”

#SOL20 Day 5: Failure is…

Today was…a day to remember some lessons. Today’s lesson was a lesson in…what should I call it? Patience? Self-forgiveness? Understanding? Revised expectations? I went to the gym today hoping to score a new PR (personal record) on my deadlift. Yeah, I guess that makes me a meathead. I’ll take it. I really wanted this oneContinue reading “#SOL20 Day 5: Failure is…”