Old Dogs

Today I taught myself a new trick.

If I weren’t too cheap to do so thrifty about WordPress Premium, what you’d see below is video of me putting a sweatshirt on while doing a handstand against a wall.

Instead you’ll get my play-by-play.

Why, on God’s green earth, should I put it into my head that THIS is something I would want to do? Because I saw someone else do it. It looked challenging. And I like being upside-down. And I like learning things.

It starts with the sweatshirt on the ground, and me bucking up my resolve.

I can do this! I can do this!

And then I work to get the first sleeve on. I’m not going to lie. This part took a LOT of practice. It was one thing to get my hand in, but to work my way all the way until I could see fingers poking through? HEAVENS.


Were I not cheap so thrifty, and were I to have WordPress Premium, you would note at this point in the video that I am somewhat out of breath. But I am cheap thrifty, so I can just let you think it’s all really easy as I fight the second sleeve – which, to my surprise, was less challenging once I realized I could wiggle my arm around without losing balance.


From there it was a matter of poking my head through:

I see the light!

Then straightening everything out:

Gravity is REALLY working against me here.

And calling this a win:

Ta-da! New party trick!

I try not to be THAT PERSON who posts every workout to social media, but here’s why I’m talking about it in this post.

I was never physically fit as a kid. I never even valued being physically fit, probably because I never believed that I could be both smart AND athletic at the same time.

And now, as a teacher of really smart kids, I think it’s my obligation to make sure my kiddos know that they can be more than one thing. That they can try things that scare them. That they can take something they feel terrible at and turn it into something they are good at.

So, no. You aren’t going to see me posting every single workout or athletic endeavor. Still, I like being able to put myself in the role of learner and come out on top.

Or…upside-down, as the case may be.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

11 thoughts on “Old Dogs

  1. Fortunately your version of WordPress allows strike-throughs! This made me laugh, impressed me, and made me think. I’m going to go take that walk, now. Thanks!

  2. 1. Old dog?? HARDLY!
    2. The strikethroughs are priceless – see what you would have lost if you were not so ch… er, thrifty?
    3. THIS. IS. AMAZING. (Were you super sore the next day??)
    4. I was not an athletic child either (just HOW MANY connections do we have??).
    5. I will not be trying this …
    6. That concluding thought about it being for the kids – “I think it’s my obligation to make sure my kiddos know that they can be more than one thing” – hits home. This post/activity is invaluable in both interest and motivation where the kids (and maybe lots of adults) are concerned – and your desire, the hallmark of an extraordinary teacher.

    So much fun – as personal challenges should be!

    1. Thanks!
      1, 3. Check’s in the mail. And no, I wasn’t sore from it. Handstands are kinda my bag. =)
      2. I feel like strikethroughs are underestimated. I’ve got to figure out how to use those more strategically.
      4. It’s that universe working again!
      5. I don’t blame you. Being upside-down is also a whole other ball of wax.
      6. That’s why I like to share my accomplishments sometimes with my kids. Having them know I try things I’m not naturally good at gives me a bit of street cred…

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