Putting My Money where my Mouth Is

Ok, people. I confess! I confess! I am the one who went on the morning announcements this month – twice! – to encourage children to write a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo, not to be confused with November’s NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month). And I think I’ve started something good!Continue reading “Putting My Money where my Mouth Is”

Keep Your Eye on California

Let me get this straight: in order to become more competitive for federal grants, California has a new “parent trigger” law allowing parents at struggling schools to petition to (among other changes): close the school; turn the school into a charter; or fire the principal and half the staff. I would venture to say we’veContinue reading “Keep Your Eye on California”

Math Anxiety: Pass it On?

Found this article in the Chicago Tribune about female math teachers passing on their math anxiety to femal students: http://bit.ly/bOzIPX Wow. I always know that it was our love – or dread – for subjects that did it for our kids. No surprises. But it’s always interesting when my intuitions are confirmed by data. Now,Continue reading “Math Anxiety: Pass it On?”

Conference Day 2: A full brain is a happy brain

Where to start? What do you say about programming at a conference where the schedule book is 200 pages long? There are over 250 sessions over 4 days across 15 strands of gifted development. There’s no way I can possibly get to all of the amazing programming I’d like to see. And for somebody withContinue reading “Conference Day 2: A full brain is a happy brain”