Slice of Life 2021 Day 3: Story Has Her Say

Today marks the third day of March, the third day of the Slice of Life blogging challenge. I’ve committed to write each and every day during the month of March and – who knows? – maybe even longer. Join me! This entry was inspired by the conversation I had with my students this week after sharing aContinue reading “Slice of Life 2021 Day 3: Story Has Her Say”

#SOL20 Day 31: A Conversation with Story, Resolved

I thought that this piece, a continuation of my first and my second “conversations” with Story, might be a good place to bring some closure to this month-long writing challenge. ….. “Well?” She drummed her fingernails on the table. “Well…what?” blinked Story, letting the right corner of her mouth twitch up into an almost-smile. “Oh,Continue reading “#SOL20 Day 31: A Conversation with Story, Resolved”