When the Writing Gets Tough

First of all, happy poetry month! Those of you who read my blog know that I enjoy writing alongside my kids. I like to share my work and my struggles with them. The week before break, I asked the kids to take on an ambitious poem: to title and write a piece about an importantContinue reading “When the Writing Gets Tough”

Just Can’t Help Myself

Earlier this month, a colleague and I sat in on a meeting with student teachers in my district. The focus of the gathering was to talk about what we do with our gifted and talented students, and to discuss differentiating in the classroom. In essence, our job was to talk about what we do andContinue reading “Just Can’t Help Myself”

Using Images to Establish Mood

A little while ago, my fourth graders and I began to pair poetry and art to show how words and images are powerful creators of emotional imagery. First, we talked about art. What mood do artists create, and what techniques do they use? Color? Light? Shade? Brush strokes? Position and treatment of the subjects? It wasContinue reading “Using Images to Establish Mood”

On Parent Conferences

After about thirty parent-teacher conferences over the last few days, I have to admit that I’ve pretty well run out of articulate things to say. But if I could take the recommendations, advice and encouragement from those conferences and wrap it all up with a bow, it would look something like this: Your child isContinue reading “On Parent Conferences”

Lessons I’m Learning

Here I am, two months into my new job. I have to say that it’s already an incredible experience. Of course, a new placement  puts me on a learning curve. But quite honestly, I love that about life. I love being challenged and asked to do tricky things. Don’t many of us? Here, then, isContinue reading “Lessons I’m Learning”

The Best (and Hardest) Part of My Day

(overheard in my third grade math group as some kids were trying to put a math problem together from random words and numbers) Them: Mrs. Levin, this is hard! Me: Yep. It is. You’re not complaining, are you? Them: No. Me: Oh good. Because you deserve to have things hard sometimes. (more work, more missingContinue reading “The Best (and Hardest) Part of My Day”

Signs of Spring – National Poetry Month Day 6

Signs of Spring The hostas, in hushed whispers Poke their heads from the earth And signal an all-clear The crocus responds Gentle, persistent, Not wishing to interrupt But clear to any who listen And others, in turn, join the crescendo: Daffodil, tulip, forsythia, lilac Silenced, I join the world in The deep, full breath IContinue reading “Signs of Spring – National Poetry Month Day 6”