A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps

or, Reflections from the Evening of January 19, 2021: How to Manage to Stay Afloat for the Next Eighteen Hours and Hold up the Walls of the World While it Watches, Waits, Breathless Pull yourself away from noise. Pet your dog. If you don’t have a dog, pretend to have a dog. Drink something warm.Continue reading “A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps”


As we scroll through our newsfeedsAnd text one anotherAnd see post after post after postAnd listen to the newsAnd speak to one anotherOf her passing – As we mourn her presenceIn our world, her strengthIn the face of adversity, her voice,Silent – As we claim her lossWith our own grief – As we rememberHer workHerContinue reading “Requiem”