Poetry Month Day 6: On the Natural (Dis)Order

You could say this poem is a continuation of my reflections for the Slice of Life challenge about the need for a strong, steady chocolate stash in a school. I stand by what I wrote, even if my observations this week speak to the contrary.

there is a problem
in our world:
there is some kind of
within our universe
that is causing it to
behave badly
(like a puppy in a roomful
of long-laced shoes
or a nub stuck
all the way in a pencil sharpener
so that things get to a point
but not really)


is it
that the natural order of things
has gotten so upside-down

that one can go
into the copy room
look at the dregs of the
chocolate stash,
at the poor unfortunate souls
left behind from
The Great Choosing

Since when are SNICKERS considered the most inferior
of the chocolate world? I may have to rethink my life.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

27 thoughts on “Poetry Month Day 6: On the Natural (Dis)Order

  1. What? WHAT?! The world’s turned upside down, indeed! I… I think I need to sit down. Oh, wait I AM sitting! I need to lie down then.

    Cleary I do not work there. Those snickers would have been the only thing chosen by me.

    The build up was perfect. I stared at the screen so long in utter disbelief as I laughed.

    1. Exactly! Now I’m realizing I should post this poem by the chocolate basket, just for fun =)

  2. And I think I spy a 100 Grand down there too! What a haul! Maybe this is what happens when someone buys the best assorted bag ever! What’s not to love about Snickers? Chocolate, caramel, and peanuts! I hope you post the poem.

    1. I KNOW, I KNOW! 100 grand bars are like the luxury cars of the chocolate mix. I don’t know WHAT folks are thinking…

  3. I’m with you. This is a clear sign of a disordered universe! Snickers and KitKats?! What goes on? And I vote yes for posting your poem by the chocolate basket. (Also realizing my home is a bit of a disordered universe, as I have no chocolate basket!)

    1. I did! I did! Someone even came to tell me she saw the poem by the copier – it’s given me an idea ; ). As for the chocolate basket, I don’t have one at home. I don’t think I could trust myself with one!

  4. In a word: Egregious! How can Snickers be left behind?? What on Earth are people choosing instead? You’re so right – there’s something terribly unbalanced in the world for such things to occur (and your puppy and pencil nub imagery is spot-on, by the way, a pure delight). ALAS!

    1. Thanks, Fran. I had fun with the puppy-pencil sharpener stanza. As for what went first, there were dependables Twix and Reese’s, but…Almond Joy? Milky Way? To which I say WOW.

    1. I did! I did! Someone came to me later to say she enjoyed the poem. It’s got me thinking of a plan. I’m blogging about it today ; )

    1. Apparently Almond Joys and Milky Ways. Who knew? Granted, the Peanut M&Ms were the first to go as always. But still.

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