Poetry Month Day 16: Seasons

Found this poem, incomplete, in my notes. I had started with the seasons and their respective nouns, and I had toyed with the haiku structure but never quite reached satisfaction on the stanzas. Still can’t say that I have, but I’m ready to let this one make its way into the world.

Summer: loosening
A relaxing of long days
Into sun and light

Autumn: a shifting
Into clarity, crispness,
Deepening of hues

Winter: reckoning
Hibernation of spirit,
Our souls in retreat

Spring: Awakening
speaks of cliché yet never
fails to inspire awe

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

7 thoughts on “Poetry Month Day 16: Seasons

  1. Lainie, I’m glad you let it go. The verb, “toyed,” in your introduction is so appropriate. I find myself doing that same thing, stuff like changing words and moving commas, even after I hit publish.

    I like this poem a lot, and am struck by the verbs (there’s that word again) you used, especially the way summer’s “loosening” and “relaxing” contrast with the other season’s “shifting,” “reckoning,” and “awakening.” Summer has me looking for a hammock and a few cooperative trees.

    I rarely think, “This poem needs visual art to go with it,” and while I don’t think it *needs* it, I think it definitely lends itself to the idea.


    1. Thanks, Tim. I’m also glad this one’s out in the world. I think the last year has really been an experiment in looking past my perfectionist tendencies. As for the visuals, I’d agree – if I had a do-over, I’d probably scan my camera roll for one photo to accompany each season. I suppose that’s a different rabbit hole for a different day =)

  2. Loosening, shifting, reckoning, awakening. Perfectly said! I feel like I can actually feel myself loosening up when summer break begins (not that I’m counting down to that right now or anything…)

    1. Yes! Although, for me, the “loosening” takes about two weeks to fully develop. Until then, I have a tough time releasing myself from the safety of a highly-structured day…

  3. You captured every season, Lainie; you leave me nodding at your succinct summation of each, and laughing at the cliche of spring awakening – and yet it’s true. It never, ever fails to inspire awe.

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