How I’m Doing

It’s around about this time of year that I give my fourth graders a fun warm-up activity. I ask them to tell me how they’re doing, but to respond in haiku.

I love haiku.

It’s an easy little way to get some poetry in, and I usually think I’m copping out by doing it, but then there’s always some sneaky phrase or verse that catches me by surprise and reminds me that despite my best efforts, I am indeed creating poetry.

So. How I’m doing today:

Today was sun-filled
Had the chance to escape with
The hubs for a ruck

Backpacks loaded down,
We strapped in, headed into
Sunshine and cool blue

It was a great way
To pretend I didn’t have
Duty awaiting:

Lessons to plan out
The emails, emails, emails,
Meetings to schedule

And always loveys:
Kids who will take up thoughtspace
Deep inside my brain –

No matter the hour
They somehow find a way to
Occupy my heart.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

4 thoughts on “How I’m Doing

  1. Thoughtspace. Love that. A lot. I am glad you had a sun-filled, cool blue day. I hope many more are on the way. Brilliant activity for kids, asking how they’re doing and having them respond in haiku. What shines through most – always – is your love for your loveys. I know that blogging and composing take up much time when time is so weirdly bogged at present, but I hope that in it you are finding a welcome release (I suspect you are). Touching base with one’s own mind, not to mention a familiar rope for clinging to … I cheer you and your beautiful words and thoughts on each day. I enjoy them all!

    1. Thank you Fran! And might I say, that Spirit of the Slice award could NOT have been any more deserved. You are such a caring, compassionate soul, and I’m a better writer because you are such a thoughtful reader and human. So…thank you.

      1. I just saw this -!! I am still in a trancelike state of wonder about the award. It’s incredibly meaningful to be nominated by fellow Slicers who are so deserving. Your own words here – 😭. I think of all I’d have lost out on if I hadn’t entered this year – and I almost didn’t! I thought I didn’t have the stamina and mental fortitude this time … not anticipating a pandemic keeping the world at home and the daily writing challenge becoming a lifeline. AND – I would have lost out on YOU and all your writing which added to much to my days! SHUDDER at the thought! I consider you a tremendous gift. This is all a lesson on taking the leap of faith even when you think you’re too feeble… well, I guess that’s what faith IS. And – writing. ❤️

      2. And you as well, Fran. I feel grateful and honored to have you as one of my trusted readers. =)

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