#SOL20, Day 21: Teen Parenting, Exhibit Q

Yes, it it true that I like a picked-up house. Yes, it is true that clutter produces within me an actual physical response.


Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING breaks the resolve of a mother determined to leave that box from Tuesday night’s 1 am pizza order on the table until a certain 16-year-old decides he’s going to pick it up his own dang self.

Note the clean table, the freshly vacuumed rug

It can be there until next month. I don’t care.

I will work around it.

I will clean around it.

I will ignore it happily.

Because THAT is the stuff that motherhood is made of.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

13 thoughts on “#SOL20, Day 21: Teen Parenting, Exhibit Q

  1. OMG! Love this!!! I am a new empty nester but thanks to Covid 19 my house is a disaster with 2 college students reluctantly home. Also, shout out for the clean table and carpet-Relatealbe!

  2. Oh, the flashbacks of raising two sons. I could do a month of blogs posts on that. Stay strong Mom. #leavethebox

  3. I so appreciate your sense of humor. I have also found myself in situations where I clean around a family member’s mess to make a point. Sadly it would drive me crazy since they don’t notice, much less get bothered by it.

  4. Is there any force on Earth more indomitable than a determined Mom? I feel as if I don’t need to say “hold your ground” – I have a sense of it being solidly staked! It comes through your writing loud and clear – and delightfully. And, for the record: The table and carpet look so very nice.That’s me on the sidelines waving my little, ragged white flag. 🙂

    1. Ha! That’s because I’m not showing you the kitchen, or the dog hair dust bunnies in the corner 😉

  5. So real! I remember my mom charging us to return things she collected that we had left out. In this situation, it sounds like money for maintaining tidiness would not apply or even be a motivation.

    As a teacher, it is difficult to not take personally the blatant disregard of “classroom guidelines.” The intrinsic value of maintaining order is difficult to imbue.

    A middle aged woman, stating the obvious.

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