Story Challenge Day 11: The Important Thing

Note: Inspired by Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book, I’m working on these alongside my students. Enjoy! FRIENDSThe important thing about friends is that they are friendly.They talk to you,And they go for coffee.They give you thingsAnd go on walks with you, And they show you the good and not-so-good Parts of yourselfYou hide fromContinue reading “Story Challenge Day 11: The Important Thing”

Story Challenge Day 8: Broken Brain Blues

My thoughts are jumbly,Tumbled around. I can’tPin them down, andMy brain hurts… My hair is pulled back,To help me think better,And it usually works, butMy brain hurts. I’ve scheduled and rescheduled,Checked and re-checked,Emailed and emailed, andMy brain HURTS. I’ve played whack-a-moleWith all my to-do lists,Trying to get through butMy brain HURTS!

Story Challenge Day 7: Class Assignment

My fourth graders are experimenting around with poetry. We started out by journaling how we were feeling. I joined them in the writing (and no, I didn’t get distracted this time). Here’s what I wrote: Then I demonstrated my thought process for how I might choose which words go on which line. (More on thatContinue reading “Story Challenge Day 7: Class Assignment”

Story Challenge Day 3: Teaching Detour, Told in Real Time

From time to time, folks ask what it’s like teaching a classroom full of gifted-talented children. What does a day in your room look like? This post, I think, says it all. Where it starts, what my intentions are, and where it goes – all of it – puts what I do in a nutshell.

Poetry Month Day 30: Winding Down

All of the tasks about me are stacking upI’ve made and abandoned my to-liststhere is email waiting, work to gradeand please don’t ask about laundryor the comments and the postsOh, to inhale poemAnd exhale reliefAll I need arethe right wordsbut first –sleep Y’all, it’s been a long month. It’s been trying. I’ve been tested inContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 30: Winding Down”

Poetry Month Day 29: Signs

This eveningI sawout the doors of my gyma sun showerand after showinga six year-old howwonderful the smell of rain is I dodged the dropsto my carall the time lookingat the contrasting steel gray sky Knowing this was the perfect time and placefor rainbows. I craned my neckas I walked,then drove,scouring,searching,wonderinghow there couldNOTbe one anywhere AndContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 29: Signs”