Slice of Life Day 9: Current Conditions

Here we are at day 9 of the Slice of Life Challenge! Today had me thinking: you know, even though it seems corny for stories to have the weather reflect moods in characters, I have to admit that sometimes…well, sometimes the weather gets it right.

she pondered,
upon seeing
the weather outside
as it rained, snowed, threatened
to grow bleaker and bleaker,
the environment darkening,
reflecting an accurate likeness
of the heart’s atmospheric conditions,
perhaps I can only hope this is
not a metaphor for a sad
state of affairs, but merely
a good omen – just a
harbinger that might
bear with it the
promise of
a snow

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 9: Current Conditions

  1. Yes, fun idea! To take a cliche and use it in a fresh way. And the poem’s structure works for me- the build up as the weather descends, and your quiet hope… for what we all wish for- a snow day!

    1. Thanks! I think there’s more to be said on the weather reflecting my inner moods, but I haven’t quite gotten there…

  2. Snow day wishes that don’t come to fruition are making some sort of ogre happy in the underworld. It’s like an empty promise of a toy to a child. Love this format, works really well and keeps your message economical. May you be gifted many snow days!

    1. Eh…we got nothin’. Which is what I was expecting, but ah well. NO snow days at all this year for us!

  3. A fabulous double etheree, Lainie! You so capture and convey the bleakness and the hope – oh, the hope! – of a desperately-needed snow day. We had such a bleak and dreary day here today plus zero snow this winter, in a school year when a break has been needed more than ever. Alas. Here’s to spring break. And summer…

    1. Thank you. I kind of had to watch myself on this one. It had the potential of being pretty dark, actually. I had to pull myself back a little.
      The thought of a snow day (even if we didn’t wind up with one) brought me back into the light.

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