Poetry Month Day 21: On Opportunity

They say, sometimes,that when God closes a doorHe opens a window (and yes I know gender is a construct) but what I really want to say is that sometimeswhen God closes a doorwhat’s really meant is for you to stay at home,look around this place and sayheyI kind of like this placemaybe I’ll spruce itContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 21: On Opportunity”

Slice of Life 2021 Day 12: Filling Buckets

Today marks Day 12 of the Slice of Life challenge. Join me as I work to write every day in March, If you’re feeling low, And you’re wondering whether the next big gust of wind is going to guide you to shore or strand you out at sea, And you’re wondering what, if anything, you can doContinue reading “Slice of Life 2021 Day 12: Filling Buckets”

Slice of Life 2021 Day 8: Why the Soapbox?

Today marks Day 8 of the Slice of Life challenge. Join me as I work to write every day in March – and beyond! My blog is called “Ed Soapbox” for a reason. Soapboxes. Ideas we feel SO STRONGLY, we just need a box to stand on and shout it out to the world. And friends, IContinue reading “Slice of Life 2021 Day 8: Why the Soapbox?”

A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps

or, Reflections from the Evening of January 19, 2021: How to Manage to Stay Afloat for the Next Eighteen Hours and Hold up the Walls of the World While it Watches, Waits, Breathless Pull yourself away from noise. Pet your dog. If you don’t have a dog, pretend to have a dog. Drink something warm.Continue reading “A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps”

Slice of Life Tuesday: Missing Dreams

Today for the weekly Slice of Life challenge I knew I had a poem to write, but wanted to experiment with language and form. I came to a modified version of a triversen, a William Carlos Williams-created form consisting of six tercets: 18 lines in 6 stanzas. I’m still tweaking and working and thinking, butContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday: Missing Dreams”

On Finding a Writing Community

Sometimes my lessons are OK, but no great shakes. Sometimes they crash and burn – sometimes sadly and softly, others in a great fiery blaze of glory. But sometimes. Sometimes I have an idea for a lesson that’s a GREAT ONE. And it WORKS. I’ve been trying to be deliberate this year about writing workshopContinue reading “On Finding a Writing Community”

Upon Re-Entry

I’ve been here. I’ve returned to school after a devastating loss before, and I did it again today. Days like these are strange, tiring and full of uncertainty. Will I be able to hold myself together? Can I make it through? Do I have it in me to accept the “we missed you’s,” the knowingContinue reading “Upon Re-Entry”

On College Education

Well. Looks like I’m stepping back up on to my soapbox. What’s got me so fired up this time? My college son called me to chat about one of his professors. Things have gotten so bad that students banded together and complained to university higher-ups, so much so that the department issued its course evaluationContinue reading “On College Education”

Teacher Life, Exhibit P

Scene: Indiana Dunes State Park. I’m hiking with my husband. It’s a cool, crisp early autumn day, the wind is at our backs, and we have the place to ourselves. The only sounds in my ears are the crashing of waves, the crush of hiking boots on sand, and the echo of my thoughts. It’sContinue reading “Teacher Life, Exhibit P”

Long Day

Today was hard. It was long, and it felt heavy in my hand and in my heart. It was full of colleagues, and students, and friends, and family members, who are struggling in one direction or another, and who needed time and love and attention and compassion. And I gave it, in one direction orContinue reading “Long Day”