Putting Myself Out There: Part 1

Oh heavens. What a slippery slope. It starts with sharing this video about the typewriter orchestra with my young writers. And then a conversation about how musicians see the music in everything. And how poets see the poetry in everything. “Mrs. Levin, that would be cool to do.” “Yeah, it would.”… “Hey…I have an idea.Continue reading “Putting Myself Out There: Part 1”

When in Rome

Whenever I assign my kids creative writing, I like to join along. For starters, it helps keep my own creative juices flowing. More importantly, I want my students to see me as a writer, right along with them. I want them to see what successes struggles I encounter as I work to improve my craft. Today,Continue reading “When in Rome”

Lessons I’m Learning

Here I am, two months into my new job. I have to say that it’s already an incredible experience. Of course, a new placement  puts me on a learning curve. But quite honestly, I love that about life. I love being challenged and asked to do tricky things. Don’t many of us? Here, then, isContinue reading “Lessons I’m Learning”