#SOL20 Day 18: What Today Has Brought

My district has gone to day 2 of e-learning, and I challenged my kids this morning to post more of themselves and how they were doing. And they did NOT disappoint.

My students post the sweetest pep talks I’ve ever seen. They’ve shared playtimes with their dogs, ideas for group story activities, forts they’ve built in their living rooms, DIY beach parties, homemade memes, silly skits, random jokes, heartfelt expressions and plain old check-ins.

As I watch and interact with all of these beautiful pieces of themselves my kids have put out into the world, my heart overflows. And yes, tomorrow’s pep talk will be a celebration of that beauty. I plan on acknowledging how wonderful my kids are, and then challenging them to the next step:

Responding to one another’s work.

Right now, my loveys are all engaging in a delightful round of parallel play, sharing moments of love and excitement and brilliance. Now I want them to recognize that within each other.

As for me, I will continue plugging through my day. It’s a mix of:
-hovering over email and other platforms to monitor and encourage my students as they learn
-stopping to do 5 push-ups at every chance as part of my gym’s at-home challenge (I’m up to 205. I’ve got this!)
-threading together data for my grad school final project which somehow, magically, will come together despite the fact that I can’t be in the same room with my kiddos
-checking in with friends and family members
-trying not to step on my dog

What else am I looking forward to after quitting time?
-more push-ups
-Wine Wednesday with my college son (we’re trying out a new tradition)
-finding a good use for the butter I’ve set on the counter in prep for baking

And you? What are the small victories you’re finding on these tricky, tricky days? What pep talks would YOU share?

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

12 thoughts on “#SOL20 Day 18: What Today Has Brought

  1. I need to start Wine Wednesday haha! I’m glad your students are engaging in the work – I love that they are all supporting each other and discussing what they are currently doing at home.

  2. Ok, that 5 pushup challenge throughout the day is an excellent idea!!! Just what I need. What an awesome start to e-learning for your students – such great connection. This is goal is the very best: “Responding to one another’s work.”

  3. That photo – of something new to put in the world – the power of it is infinite. Yesterday my son and his 4-year-old daughter planted a garden, Something new in the world, It’s an unprecedented (getting tired of that word but really can’t find a suitable synonym) time for creativity For ingenuity, improvisation, innovation, introspection, improvement. And grace. In my neck of the woods the district has asked us to NOT prepare lessons etc. for kids – families are directed to the district site.I’m in touch with colleagues each day to boost each others’ spirits and to decide which professional books, etc. we will finally finish reading. Our own PLN/PLT. For me at the moment, this SOL story challenge is a saving grace, and I will continue writing something when it’s done. My husband, six months after heart attacks and surgeries, is able to do push-ups every day now and feels great. =GRACE. Thank you for putting what YOU believe and do so well out there for us!

    1. Fran, I absolutely agree that this SOL challenge has been a bright light in a dark time. It’s restored me to that wonderful feeling of knowing how powerful writing and reading can be for my own well-being.

      I’m glad to hear that your husband is well on the mend. It sounds like it must have been a LONG road!

      As for the professional reading, my hope is to get back into Elena Aguilar’s Onward workbook, which dives into developing our resilience as educators.

      Thanks for being such a warm voice of support, as well as an amazing fellow writer. You are wonderful!

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