Slice of Life Tuesday: Lessons from the Chocolate Stash

Upstairs, at one of my two schools, in the copy room, there sits a green plastic basket under a sticker on the wall that reads, “Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. Chocolate UNDERSTANDS.” There are a few of us who tend to be the chocolate fairies of this particular basket. For my part, I like toContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday: Lessons from the Chocolate Stash”

A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps

or, Reflections from the Evening of January 19, 2021: How to Manage to Stay Afloat for the Next Eighteen Hours and Hold up the Walls of the World While it Watches, Waits, Breathless Pull yourself away from noise. Pet your dog. If you don’t have a dog, pretend to have a dog. Drink something warm.Continue reading “A Teacher’s Guide to Inauguration in 36 Easy Steps”

One Little Word…For Now

I’ve been a member of the Slice of Life writing community for nine months now. It’s been a source of inspiration, support and validation as I work to become braver in my writing. As time goes on, I learn more about the rituals and traditions that “slicers” have. Most recently, I learned that each NewContinue reading “One Little Word…For Now”

Stepping Back Up to the Soapbox

I have a lot of soapboxes to stand on when it comes to education. I mean…c’mon. Just look at the name of my site. It’s easy to get riled up about things when you feel as passionately I do about teaching, when you have as much faith in public schooling as I do. One ofContinue reading “Stepping Back Up to the Soapbox”

On Gathering Moss

Elementary teachers have a solid reputation as pack rats. And for good reason. The sheer amount of STUFF it takes to teach elementary school is mind-boggling. Here’s the tip of the iceberg:-books for reading-curricular materials-office supplies-student supplies-teacher files-games, puzzles, activities, art supplies, writing supplies, room decor… …and that’s only for one grade level. Those ofContinue reading “On Gathering Moss”