#SOL20 Day 12: Taking a Moment

It seems as though there are fewer and fewer places to hide from the spectre of Coronavirus. Even those of us who set out on a conversation trying to discuss something, anything other than the impending wave, there is no escaping the momentum of what surrounds us.

And so, in the midst of swimming, paddling, gasping for breath, I surface for a gulp of air to bring you something, anything other than the impending wave. Because I am sure I will write about it. Just…not today.

Today, amid all the craziness, this guy on my desk caught my eye.

This…is Ruffus. He’s my buddy. We’ve been together pretty much since my first year of teaching in Loudoun County, Virginia, and he’s followed me across three states, four districts, eight schools, at least fifteen classrooms and twenty-five years of teaching.

We’ve been through all kinds of things together. He’s been my demo dog for math lessons, a companion animal to many students, and he’s been the “talking stick” for countless class meetings and heart-to-heart conversations.

He may be just a tiny six inches long. His fur may be fading, and the paint on his eyes may be chipping away bit by bit, and his belly might be held together with some very amateur stitches in absolutely the wrong color.

But he’s seen so much, and heard so much, and done so much.

I think I’ll keep him around a little while longer.

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8 Responses to “#SOL20 Day 12: Taking a Moment”

  1. Heather Sox Says:

    Cute post. I love how this has been a constant in your teaching life and how a small item can provide so much.

  2. Alexandra Welch Says:

    Everyone who works with kids should have a Ruffus:) Thank you for sharing a sweet little nugget to give us a break from the madness.

  3. Book Dragon Says:

    How sweet. I love how you took a moment to recognize the role of of a special companion. I hope he continues to be a stalwart companion in your future classrooms

  4. arjeha Says:

    Rufus seems like a great listener. These days I think we all need someone to just listen to us and not respond. We all seem to be living on the edge these days.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      100%! Anyone who can help us slow down, take a breath, and appreciate what’s around us? THAT’s a blessing.

  5. Maureen Ingram Says:

    Love this – “he’s seen so much, and heard so much, and done so much.”

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