#SOL20 Day 11: Comin’ Home

Maybe I jinxed it by missing my boy.

But he’s coming home this week for Spring Break.

Aaannd for the forseeable future.

Yes, my son’s college has made the decision to move to online learning starting after Spring Break.

And that boy, the one I’ve been missing, the one I enjoy spending time with, the one it was harder to say goodbye to after Winter Break than at move-in, the one I’ve started to enjoy more texts and phone calls and conversations with, the one I was looking forward to visiting over my own Spring Break, and again on Mom’s Weekend, that one? He’s coming home.

Under my roof.


I’m….mostly sure that’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing.



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9 Responses to “#SOL20 Day 11: Comin’ Home”

  1. ellinkeene Says:

    Oh the lovely, sweet contradiction!!

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Absolutely! This will *definitely* test exactly how much I have missed him. And I’m thinking of all the college parents who now have this additional person back at the ranch…

  2. arjeha Says:

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Togetherness can be a test. Humor will prevail and everything will be fine.

  3. Maureen Ingram Says:

    I was just thinking about this! My youngest is 24, so missed this college-level excitement. I don’t think it would have made any of my sons happy…but, like you, I would have been thrilled to have them home. Here’s hoping you make the best of it. Oh my. Wishing you and he the very best!

  4. livinglife816287820 Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how circumstances change things and make you question having him back for an extended length of time? I hope it all works for the best and won’t be for too long.

  5. Fran Haley Says:

    Oh, the raw truth of being mom -! As one who had a son move out, move back with a dog, and finally (did I say that out loud?) move out again last fall upon getting married … I so understand. And I so miss that dog. Oh yeah – and my boy! Cheers to you and yours; here’s to savoring this time together.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      So yes, you definitely can identify with the he’s home! he’s not home. he’s home! sort of thing.

      I am definitely looking forward to it. He’s a person I deeply enjoy spending time with, and I really like who he’s becoming.

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