Slice of Life Tuesday: On Sunsets

This post is part of the weekly Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers. Check them out! Yesterday was a bingbangboom kind of a day. One of those days where I rely on to-do lists and razor-sharp logistics. Drop the dog off, take care of Chanukah packages, make it to my meeting, squeeze my plans in,Continue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday: On Sunsets”

Poetry Month Day 28: There Are Worse Things

than the obvious sources of joy: a box that arrivesout of the bluewith an armful of booksand a brainfull of ideas or a pupper who plays,overjoyedwith absolutelyeverysingle toy she can find(especially when they squeak) the smell of lilacscoming to mein odd wavesas I step out of the caror turn the corner around the block andContinue reading “Poetry Month Day 28: There Are Worse Things”