Slice of Life Day 4: Ten Things

  1. Looking out the window and realizing I’m level with the pine tree tops, bristles and cones swaying in the early-March winds

  2. The gentle sleeping-almost-snoring of a mama who just needs some solid rest
  3. Hugs of a kid-man-kid who’s returned home, if only for a short while
  4. Comfy shoes that make my heart happy to look at

  5. A perfectly fresh bagel, with just the right schmear of cream cheese and a slice or two of lox, brought to me by a man who I love more than I could possibly have words for
  6. A legion of strong, smart, brave women standing, at the ready, to be my feet, my mind, my heart whenever mine falter
  7. Headphones that run out of “juice” mid-walk, reminding me to hear the red-winged blackbirds staking out their springtime territory
  8. Dogs who come to the door when I return home, world-weary and ready to offer a sincere “good girl” and a well-placed butt rub
  9. A sunset-border-of-night-sky that pokes through the parking garage, grabs me by the collar, and forces me to take a look

  10. Moments. of. silence.

Thanks, as always, to the Slice of Life community for keeping me writing every day this month.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 4: Ten Things

    1. Thank you! Having different forms has kept me in the discipline of writing lately. Doing what I can!

  1. Love number 10, but also loooooove your shoes! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your list of ten; I want to do this too!

  2. I thought of doing a top 10 slice today but I didn’t have the brain power to think of ten things tonight. Thanks for the reminders to notice and appreciate the simple things.

    1. Thank you! Each and every day is…well, it’s another step, hopefully forward. A girl can dream!

  3. What a gorgeous list. I love this format. Reading yours will inspire me to have my camera at the ready to try to capture 10 things one of these days of March.

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