Slice of Life Day Challenge Day 2: On Timing

Whoo! Day two of the Slice of Life Challenge. Stick with me on this one. I promise this post has some fun in store.

When you have a group of squirrelly fourth-graders on a beautiful spring day,

And you have them for two full hours’ worth of literacy studio,

And you know that some of them have the wormies and squirmies and the like,

And you know that a movement break is more than called for,

And you reach into your improv game bag-o-tricks,

And you pull out a fun one called “Yes, let’s!”

And you tell the kids to start walking around until someone shouts a crazy suggestion,

And you tell them the proper response is to shout “Yes, let’s!” and then begin doing that thing,

And it so happens that all eighteen of you wind up on the floor crawling like babies,

And your evaluator comes in, unbeknownst to you, for an informal observation, do you freak out, apologize, and pretend nothing happened? Or do you thank the universe for its impeccable timing, dust your knees, herd everyone back to their spots and return to business as usual?

Those of you who know me can probably guess that 1) I have no pride, so 2) I figured it was a pretty accurate snapshot of how things go.

Of course, the subversive rabble-rouser in me maybe wished she had caught the conga line:

Throw our dignity over our shoulder and let ‘er rip? Yes, let’s!
Thanks to Kim K., my indomitable partner in crime, plan-time buddy and taker of this photo.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

27 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day Challenge Day 2: On Timing

  1. I’m all for dusting off and going from there, but that’s just me! Sometimes, you celebrate life and dance like no one is watching! I’m glad there are teachers like you out there, helping our students see that the celebration of movement is part of the journey! 🙂

    1. ohhhh the suggestions! Between this class and the others, we’ve fallen down, walked in slo-mo, slithered like snakes, hopped like bunnies, sat around doing nothing, hobbled around like old people…

  2. Teaching and learning should be fun. We need to lighten our minds before getting back to the seriousness of education. I had an administrator who would have jumped right in and joined the line.

    1. THAT I’d pay cash money to see! As for me, few folks can accuse me of taking myself too seriously…

  3. This sounds and looks like SO much fun! I bet my own eighth graders would love a game of Yes, Let’s!

    1. Ha! I mean, there are *probably* some learning standards happening there right? Interpersonal relations? Oral communication? Kinesthetic learning?

  4. When I come here, I know I am always going to come away with laughter and warmth…and so it is, again. I told my own principal and several others today that there must be more FUN at school. Yeah, I know about data, standards, proficiency…. but where’s the JOY of learning?? I say Yes, let’s all crawl on the floor like babies and conga our way to the stars. These are the moments kids will remember all their lives. Everything else can be looked up, LOL.

    1. Thanks, Fran. Yes, FUN. We can only hope that fun and joy will find some traction. There’s SO MUCH that we as teachers and children can and should reclaim. Fun and joy? Well…that’s a start.

    1. Oh, I’ve definitely had my share of observations gone awry. As for perfect, one of the things that I think connects me so deeply to my students is that they see me mess up – and recover! – on the REGULAR. =)

  5. the “wormies and the squirmies”–I think a round of Yes Let’s sounds perfect, and what an entry into a formal observation! Love when reality makes itself visible. 🙂

  6. I LOVE this game, going to borrow it, and this post resonated with me! I have an ongoing mindset when any walkthroughs occur that I’m being observed all day, every day by 23 young humans who are much more critical and blunt than any administrator might be. Keeps me on my game. ;0

    1. Please DO borrow it! I’ve been working on making my movement breaks more meaningful and fun. Heaven knows how NECESSARY they are at all ages…

  7. Ooh, I love this … and I definitely think I need an improv games bag of tricks! Hi, Lainie! Looking forward to catching up with you this month! 🙂

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