Poetry Month Day 7: A Little Mischief

Today, I took the poem I wrote yesterday, printed up a copy, and pasted it up on the wall right next to the chocolate stash that was my inspiration. I had FUN with it. So…tomorrow, and maybe the next day (or the next), I’m going to put up poems in random spots for my colleagues to read. Squee! I’m pretty excited about this one.

Tomorrow’s project?

Need a haiku? Take a haiku. Like with those little bitty tags that you see at coffee shops and supermarkets and on telephone poles?

YEAH. Now I just have to write some. Here goes.

school during covid
is a little bit just like
swimming through jell-o

hand sanitizer
seventeen times every day
pass the lotion please

even though we can’t
hug them as before, we can
still carry them home

the sun’s finally
here so we can eat outside
just pray for no bees

the weeks of winter
are so much slower than spring:
the countdown begins

you say what you will
of tech wonders or marvels
Iā€™m so over Zoom.

there is no tired
like teacher tired, on a
Friday in April

those darn red badges
at the corners of Seesaw
haunt me in my dreams

I brought my school bag
home for efficiency’s sake
what a nice doorstop

the teacher’s lounge treats
have truly suffered this year
how I miss cupcakes

if I have to tell
you again to stay six feet
I think I might burst

I’m drawing boundaries
not working a bit at home
but first, this email

I found a poem
carried it along with me-
sometimes we need that

COMING SOON to a bulletin board near you!

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

5 thoughts on “Poetry Month Day 7: A Little Mischief

  1. In a word – which alway characterizes you: Brilliant! And in another: Fun! I am howling over the school bag being a nice doorstop…and nodding to all the truths you capture here, so amazingly well, in haiku. Love this.

  2. HAHAHAH! I bet the poem next to the chocolate was a hoot! šŸ˜

    On point with the haikus. It reminds of a few years ago when I posted a series of “tearable puns” in random places at my office. Pre-snipped for tearing ease. It amused me to see the puns on colleagues desks over the three days they lasted.

    Your colleagues are going to groan, laugh, sympathize and love you for it. I stand(sit?) with you on Zoom.

  3. Wait. “Fun” with poetry? I thought it was supposed to be stuffy and serious!

    Okay, not really. I love the idea of tear-off tags, and I’m definitely stealing it. A number of years ago I tried putting poetry up around the school, but I did so in a more “formal” manner. This is a much better idea!

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