Story Challenge Day 19: All in the Family

Today, again, was hamentaschen day. I had posted about my yearly tradition before, but that was a solitary affair.

This year, I was a lucky duck.

This year, my mother and one of my sisters joined me in the kitchen. And yes, I know that the Jewish holiday Purim was actually this past week, but in keeping with family tradition, we moved our celebration to a day we could be together.

So today, I bring you joy, love, and (my favorite) baked goods.

Coupla pretty fine baking partners, if I say so myself
This is us, freewheeling an apricot filling recipe
Girl meets dough
My mom, just rollin’ with it
Things are shaping up!
*somebody* is sulking because she wants in on the action
Lemon-poppy seed, ready for the oven
Our finished product

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Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

12 thoughts on “Story Challenge Day 19: All in the Family

  1. And the memories you create as you bring us joy, love, and (your favorite) baked goods! I love the close up of your mom’s hands! Such a dear!

    1. That *somebody* tried to get a hunk of dough that fell, but we nabbed it back really fast. We know what happens when she eats stuff she shouldn’t! And yes, baking with loved ones. It’s WONDERFUL.

  2. Your hamantaschen look so wonderful, Lainie! I’m so glad you baked them after Purim with your family.
    Btw: I read your hamantaschen baking history. I’m so glad you linked that for us to read.

    1. It’s something that holds a lot of significance for me, and makes me feel connected in a lot of ways. So, thank you. =))

  3. This is awesome! Recently on CBS Sunday morning, they in a feature story on bakery in New York making hamantaschen. It was an interesting process with the story included. I love that you had family with you this year to make memories.

    I’m guess that apricot would be a favorite of mine as well! They all look wonderful.

    Thank you for continuing to share this tradition with us! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to check out that CBS story. I know several folks who make them at home, and everybody’s got their own way of doing things!

  4. Your hamantaschen look absolutely delicious. It’s wonderful to have friends and family to cook with. The photos, and captions, were delightful even if *someone* looked a little forlorn at not being the center of attention.

    I’m a sourpuss, I would have gone for the lemon poppy seed.

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