The Monday Morning After: Expectations

What happens when you combine horrific news, intense sorrow, a night of unsettling dreams, a Monday morning where everyone in the family oversleeps, and school the week before winter break? A day where I have abso-LUTE-ly no idea what to expect. What will the mood of the kids be? Will they have heard the news?Continue reading “The Monday Morning After: Expectations”

What I Can’t (and Can) Understand: A Teacher’s Reflection

It’s 11:22. So far this weekend I’ve easily spent five hours on school stuff – by the standard of most weekends, a light load. Perhaps I have a light load, but a heavy heart. Lunchtime on Friday was when I heard about Sandy Hook. We teachers talked about the events at the table and taughtContinue reading “What I Can’t (and Can) Understand: A Teacher’s Reflection”