Slice of Life Tuesday: Life, in Metaphor

This post is part of the weekly Slice of Life challenge from¬†Two Writing Teachers.¬†Check them out! Yesterday I had a GREAT idea for a blog post. I was starting to craft it in my head as I always do, until I got sidetracked. Fast forward to this morning, when I got up and could notContinue reading “Slice of Life Tuesday: Life, in Metaphor”

The Best (and Hardest) Part of My Day

(overheard in my third grade math group as some kids were trying to put a math problem together from random words and numbers) Them: Mrs. Levin, this is hard! Me: Yep. It is. You’re not complaining, are you? Them: No. Me: Oh good. Because you deserve to have things hard sometimes. (more work, more missingContinue reading “The Best (and Hardest) Part of My Day”

Happy New Year: Finding Resolution

As a self-professed blonkie (read: blog junkie; yeah, you can trademark me on that one), I’ve cruised around to various posts listing new plans and resolutions for 2013. So, of course, that set my mind spinning about what I could bring to the party. I confess there was something getting in the way, though. ThereContinue reading “Happy New Year: Finding Resolution”

Back on the Ice: Lesson Learned

Today was a hockey day. I haven’t been in my full equipment since the middle of the summer. I know, I know. I had set out to learn how to play ice hockey, and take you along on my journey. I know it’s important to keep going with lessons and clinics. I know! Somehow, I’veContinue reading “Back on the Ice: Lesson Learned”