Story Challenge Day 30: List Poem

  1. Today, I have decided,
  2. I will write a list poem.
  3. About all of the things that made me happy
  4. And maybe some other stuff
  5. Depending on where the words lead me.
  6. Right now my house is empty
  7. But full
  8. Of delicious cooking-smells:
  9. Sundubu jjigae for later this week
  10. Breakfast for dinner tonight
  11. Banana bars for all the snacks.
  12. And the dog
  13. She isn’t complaining
  14. That I didn’t brave the rain
  15. To walk her today
  16. And the laundry is done
  17. And my work is done
  18. And tomorrow I can sleep late
  19. And get a fresh start,
  20. And I’ve almost made it to the end of March
  21. And I’ve written every day
  22. And maybe I haven’t pushed myself too hard
  23. But maybe I needed to learn self-forgiveness
  24. And patience
  25. And release.

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Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

15 thoughts on “Story Challenge Day 30: List Poem

    1. Thank you! It was an easy way to slice today.

      I’m actually surprised with this month, as my go-to quick slice is usually haiku. I was able to move through the month without relying on it. Hooray!

  1. I also love this stream of consciousness and the way you incorporate the senses in both the “what’s present” and “what’s absent” sort of contrast. This drew me in and kept me reading!

  2. A list of happy things. I I am all for it. Only one more day and this challenge is history. We can do it. Patience, so needed yet so hard to come by.

  3. “But maybe I needed to learn self-forgiveness
    And patience
    And release.”

    Ditto, Laine. Ditto.

    This list made me smile and I feel like you smiled creating it, all the better.

  4. Now you’ve gone and made me crave Korean food. Really appreciated being here with you this month. It’s been an absolute grind but I’m a better teacher and writer for the effort (and tried to capture some of that essence in my last slice today). See you around these parts again (hopefully) soon!

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