Slice of Life Tuesday: Assigned Writing

Today, I shared a “grab bag” of writing ideas with my students. It’s a folder they can click on in their Schoology app in case they’re stuck for something to write on. I selected one of the topics at random to demonstrate how to set up a new document, and I figure it’s a fun one to dive into for today!

How often do you talk to yourself (and what do you say)?

Oh heavens. I talk to myself. A LOT.

The most common thing I say to myself out loud? “Okay.” As in…

Okay. (Time to get your lil’ ole self together, Lainie!)
Okay. (This is hard, but you’ve got this.)
Okay. (All right, what’s the next thing on your list?)
Okay. (This might not turn out, but let’s see what happens.)
Okay. (You’re on a roll, just…keep…moving…)

My “okay” is combination pep talk, nudging, needling and encouragement, depending on the context. Usually, when I say “okay” out loud, it’s right alongside a big sigh. Which, you can imagine, is SUPER fun for folks around me to be hearing all the time, especially my poor husband. (I promise it’s not you, honey!)

Another favorite on my self-talk-out-loud greatest hits collection? “We’ll see what happens.”

I say this out loud any time I’m about to try something new, different, or perhaps equal parts brave and foolish. Which means you’ll hear this come out of my mouth OFTEN when I’m at the gym.

As for the rest of my self-talk, much of that happens in my own head, sometimes quietly, sometimes forcefully. I’ve been working on this one a LOT, trying to replace negative or self-defeating patterns with positive and encouraging ones.

That’s a lifelong conversation.

It’s disheartening on the surface to know that the problem doesn’t just magically disappear when we become grown-ups. But for me, there is comfort in knowing that. That relieves the pressure to have it all solved or figured out. And, as a teacher, if the pressure is off of ME to have it all figured out, then I can assure my kids it’s okay that everything isn’t all figured out.


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Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Assigned Writing

  1. Nothing wrong with talking to ourselves, assuring ourselves, or giving ourselves the little pep talk we need to push us to do something. As the infamous “they” say, it is okay to talk to yourself. It is when you answer yourself that there is a problem. Oh yeah, I done that a few times too.

    1. Ha! Funny you should mention. I often say it’s fine that I talk to myself. It’s when I start an argument that there’s a problem!

  2. I liked this line, “My “okay” is combination pep talk, nudging, needling and encouragement, depending on the context.” It sounds as if you have a very positive dialogue with yourself – which is the main thing, yes? At least, out loud!

    1. Thank you! I spend a while figuring out the wording for that line, so I’m glad it landed well.

      And yes, I usually do have a positive dialogue with myself, but I won’t say there aren’t speed bump sort of days…

  3. Okay…. I love this prompt and this slice! I think I say “okay” to myself a lot too. and “Alright…” and I love your description of your okay being a combo pep talk, nudging, etc. I need to think on this a little and catch myself talking to myself in the next few days… see what it is exactly that I say! Because… I know I do it a bunch!

    1. ^^I see what you did there. =))

      By the way, I realized throughout the rest of the day that I talk to myself a LOT more than I had originally supposed. I think it’ll be the subject another blog post while it’s stiill fresh in my brain!

  4. You structured this slice so well and made great use of parentheses. I could relate to a lot of your “Okay” nuances and love how you ended with that word as well. It’s all an ongoing process, right!?

  5. Your “Okay” is my “Let’s do this”. Whether internally of aloud, it can be said with elation, determination and occasionally with resignation, it is always action, never a question. Talking to yourself is the most intelligent conversation you can have sometimes. Though I’ve feel as though I’ve been chatting with the village idiot of late. It is indeed an ongoing process.

    1. Ha, YES! In every direction. And yes, talking to myself IS an intelligent form of conversation. I’m also my best audience for all of my comic relief, if I do say so myself. I can crack me up when I want to!

      As far as talking with the village idiot, I feel you on that one. But sometimes it’s the fool who possesses the clearest wisdom…

  6. Oooh, that’s a good one, Lainie! What other treasures are hiding in that folder?

    Now you have me thinking and wondering what I say to myself. I’m going to spy on myself to morrow so I can figure it out.

  7. A fun prompt, Lainie – would be so interesting to hear what other people say to themselves. Sometimes my self-talk consists of “Is this worth it?” or “just get through” or “if you give it your best, it’s all you can do.” There’s more but these rose immediately to the surface… oh, here’s another one: “There’s a reason for this…” -really helps in my support role at school! Thank you for getting my mental wheels rolling this morning!

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