Slice of Tuesday: Welcome 5782

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Today was the Jewish New Year, a day to reflect and ground myself spiritually. It’s a day of traditions – some in the stricter cultural sense, others adopted as family rituals.

A new challah recipe and braiding technique. Yes, I usually make these breads round for the new year, but didn’t want to tinker too much on the first try…
Chicken and rice dish, perfect for our pre-services dinner
A moment captured on our annual apple-picking outing. We started when my oldest was an itty bitty, and it’s just been a fun thing to do ever since!
The place where I performed tashlich (literally “casting away”), a tradition of casting bread (and other figurative burdens) out upon the water.
Apples and honey. Folks were on to something when they thought up this pairing!

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8 thoughts on “Slice of Tuesday: Welcome 5782

  1. Where would we be without traditions? They keep us grounded to who we are, where we came from, and and what makes us the person we’ve become. It seems that food plays an important role in the traditions of many cultures…I know it does in ours.

    1. Absolutely! I’m hoping, too, that my kids will see the traditions we have both inherited and created, and they’ll see that our traditions provide all of what you’ve said. As for food, I mean…FOOD. =))

  2. Happy Holiday to you! Your traditions-some old and some new to me. I really like the way your bread rose into a beautiful braided piece of art work. I imagine the taste is equally delicious. The tradition of “bread (and other figurative burdens) out upon the water” is new to me but such a spiritual cleansing that I must remember that when I am walking the trail by the creek. We just went apple picking with our little granddaughters so I have a huge collection of apples. I will incorporate honey with a plate of apples and a dollop in my tea.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the observance of casting away is a powerful one. Enjoy your treats in honor of the new year!

  3. Lainie, thank you for sharing this. These are some beautiful and meaningful traditions, and I’m a bit jealous of them. I’m especially intrigued by tashlich. May your new year be a blessing to you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, tashlich is a beautiful tradition. It’s the same one that has people leaving stones at the grave markers of the familiy members they “visit.” So…if you ever see rocks on a grave stone, that’s why. =))

  4. A beautiful photographic rendering of your holiday celebration, Lainie. So rich in symbolism – and the food looks absolutely delicious! Here’s to a sweet new year, indeed.

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