Slice of Life Tuesday: Another Sort of Slice

This post is part of the weekly Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers. Check them out!

Today was a whole day of online workshops. I really wanted to spend time writing, but couldn’t bear the computer screen any more. So, my Slice for today goes as follows. Enjoy!

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21 Responses to “Slice of Life Tuesday: Another Sort of Slice”

  1. Amy Ellerman Says:

    This slice is a great reminder that slices come in many possible forms! Glad that you listened to what your body was telling you about screens while satisfying your need to write.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I hadn’t gotten to the point that my eyes hurt from the screen in a really long time. It was enough to remind me that it wasn’t my favorite feeling…

  2. onathought Says:

    YES! beautiful. I’m glad you stepped away from the computer.

  3. Angelina Says:

    I am at that place now with my laptop. Sometimes you just can take another second, but then you do. Hope you get rest this evening.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thank you! It took work, but I was able to tear myself away. It’s hard, isn’t it, to make that final separation between self and tech world? It’s something I continue to work on, something I always hope to get better at.

  4. arjeha Says:

    Love this! Who hasn’t been there? As I would tell my students, if you just write out a grocery list you are still writing. Sometimes just to stay sane you have to step away and find an alternative. Love yours.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Absolutely! Writing (and reading!) comes in so many forms that we never stop to fully think about or realize. I’m going to have to think about that more…

  5. Erica J Says:

    I love this notebook page and how you had fun with the design to convey your message! It makes me want to doodle in my notebook more.

  6. Darin Johnston Says:

    Doodling makes time go by! Sometimes, I’ll look at my students and see what they are doing, smiling as I walk around them. They look at me like they are in trouble, but in my mind, I know what they are doing! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your doodles. I makes me want do a little bit of that myself!

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Yes, indeed it does! You’re right about the students. Sometimes they do something that seems so counterintuitive in my mind, but makes perfect sense with their reasoning. THOSE are the times I learn the most from them. =))

  7. livinglife816287820 Says:

    Just perfect, so well laid out, colourful and expressive, it says it all…!!

  8. Tim Gels Says:

    Love, love, love!

  9. Karen Says:

    I love this so very much!

  10. theapplesinmyorchard Says:

    Fun post!

  11. Fran Haley Says:

    I chuckle at the underlying wry truths here, my friend. I love how you always find a way to add your own unique sparkle to the dreariest thing! You also reminded me, in this era where educators are told to “use technology in the classroom!” – that brain research shows the vital connection between actual handwriting and thinking. Every post you share is a mine of thought, and I never come away without a gem. 🙂

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Thank you, Fran. Your words made my day. And yes, there’s something to be said for going “analog” sometimes in our digital world…

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