Prompt and Reliable

Oh, WordPress. There you are again, with a prompt for the day. This time, it’s “Do you have a favorite place you’ve visited? Where is it?”

So let’s get real. As a teacher of writing, I find it very clear that WordPress’s prompt people know that adults are the ones pondering this theme. Were I a third grader with this question, this blog post would read:

Yes. The Beach.

But since I’m a grown human who very well knows that the subtext of the prompt is, “and please do tell the world about it,” I suppose I’ll add a touch of elaboration.

But just a touch.

Picking a favorite place to be is like picking a favorite book. Or a favorite song. Or a favorite student. There are too many to name, and giving voice to a single one isn’t fair to the rest of them.

Still, there’s probably a theme to the places I feel happiest. There’s sun, and sand, and air, and water, and a feeling that the heaviness of life is buoyed somewhat. It’s the sand between my toes, the breath-stealing shock of a cold wave that takes me by surprise, the feeling of the sun’s warmth and the ambient noise soaking in as I lie facedown on a towel, and the recognition that I’m in this particular space because I was able to achieve some degree of separation between Life and Moments to Breathe.

There are worse things.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

One thought on “Prompt and Reliable

  1. I concur with everything said about the beach except the sand. I love going to the beach, but once I leave I abhor seemingly finding sand in the most god-awful places even hours after I’ve showered. Again.

    The only things more insidious than beach sand are holiday pine needles found in April and of course the mother(luvva) of all minute particle monstrosities – glitter! 😁😂🤣

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