Poetry Month Day 5: Life as a Poet

It’s a blessingcurse
live in metaphor:
to see
sun pushing through clouds,
a shoelace refusing to relinquish its knots,
extra-long stoplights,
a stubbed toe,
wondering if
these things carry meaning

or just are what they are

and wondering if
that’s yet
another metaphor

Today’s quadrille was inspired by Raivenne, one of the folks who challenge me to try something new here and there.

Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

15 thoughts on “Poetry Month Day 5: Life as a Poet

  1. Aww thank you, Lainie! 💗

    Oh the eternal loop of a poet’s and writer’s mind! A simple nothing is the epitome of everything and everything is bit naught in our pens. Yes, it is nerve wrecking to our minds when sometimes a dust bunny is just a dust bunny and not a warren of plots.

    1. Right? I have to say, though, it’s gratifying (and maybe somewhat unsurprising) to know that I’m not alone in this way of moving through the world.

  2. One of the joys/curses of a writer is to look for the hidden meaning that isn’t always there. But then, maybe if we look at it from a different angle…

    1. ahh the curse of the different angle. If we’re getting mathematical and spherical about the whole thing, that leaves us at, oh….infinity?

  3. Thanks to you for helping me pay attention. Paying attention and sharing what sticks, allows all of us to apply the metaphors in powerful ways.

  4. That opening line is brilliant – the blended words, the colon purposefully placed. As a fellow traveller who lives in metaphor, I feel this deeply. And, yes, yes, yes, I love Raivenne’s writing.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to know there are others who see things this way. As for Raivenne’s writing, I mean…right? She is SO skilled and talented.

  5. I learned something new today. I had to Google quadrille. You painted so many pictures in just 44 words. As a 2nd grade teacher I can relate to – a shoelace refusing to relinquish its knots – I can’t tell you how many ties I’ve been there!

    1. Ahh thank you! I learned it from Raivenne, so I’m glad I could share the wealth.

      As for the kid shoelaces, that’s the scene of never-ending adventure: the tangled laces, the shoelaces tied to one another or to random objects…

    1. I’m so glad you see yourself in this poem!

      This is one of those poetic forms I’m glad had a word limit. I could have gone on for AGES about the idea, and I’m glad I had boundaries to swaddle me in.

  6. Ooh, to “live in a metaphor!” What a great line! Funny, my daughter was discussing metaphors with me yesterday on a drive home. “I hate metaphors!” she emphatically protested. “They’re so not what they say they are. Just say what something is, why do people have to guess?” I try to find meaning in everything, even a protest to a metaphor, from one who loves them so much.

    I’ll also be exploring the quadrille.

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