Story Challenge, Day 5: There Are Worse Things

Sometimes, words are great.

Sometimes, pictures do just as well.

Today, despite the uproar and chaos that still envelop our world, I was able to carve out some moments of joy.

So I’ll just share those.

My first bike ride of the new season:

This becomes my way of commuting to work when the weather warms, and I cannot WAIT.

Homemade ramen (hot soup on a warm day? why not!):

The trick is the soft-boiled egg. I kinda live for those.

The feeling, when you go to the store, that there are finally more masks out in circulation than we’re going to need and maybe there’s some hope in that:

And lookie! Hand sanitizer a-go-go!

A brief shining moment in which I’m caught up on feedback to my students on their writing:

Too much student writing to handle. It’s…a good problem to have.

A walk in the forest with an all-too-eager doggo:

Think this’ll wear her out? Think again, my friends!

Making some new friends on said walk with doggo:

There were actually a half-dozen of these deer. I always find it interesting that both they and I freeze upon seeing one another.

And a random find that says it all (I love me a heart-shaped rock!):

I have a good friend who collects these. Can’t wait to pass it on.

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Published by Lainie Levin

Mom of two, full-time teacher, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and holder of a very full plate

18 thoughts on “Story Challenge, Day 5: There Are Worse Things

  1. Great pictures to celebrate a first bike ride of the season. It was a beautiful day to be out, at least here. And for the record, any day is a good soup day.

  2. Lainie!!! So happy I found your post today! The pics and descriptions offer hope in this confusing time. I especially love the ramen pic (just ate a bowl myself) and the heart shaped rock (like my worry stone). Well done on all fronts!

    1. Thank you! It’s good to “see” you again. And…any scraps of hope we can dig up are worth it, for sure.

  3. This is now the fourth slice I’ve read today that mentions or is about food, not including my own. This must be secret savory Saturday of sorts. 1. Song 1: Your slice title immediately brought “Grease” to mind – I know you know the song. 2. Song 2: You brought John Denver to mind – I’ll let you puzzle out which line and which song. 3. Your pictures are wonderful and vibrant and beautifully encapsulate the day. Together 4. And finding that heart-shaped rock was wonderful. It all just said ‘weekend’.

    1. Raivenne, your comment makes me smile. Now I’m going to be humming “Greased Lighnin’ ” every time I saddle up on my bike! And yes. I know exactly which John Denver song you’re thinking. Which makes me smile even more.

  4. I agree-sometimes a picture does it. Your ramen looks delicious and I’m curious…do you use the enclosed seasoning packet or your own spices? 🙂

    1. I actually use a homemade recipe. It’s pretty simple to put together, and it comes together for me in about a half an hour: I put in probably double the shiitake mushrooms it calls for. I do the eggs while the broth is cooking. For the noodles, I’ve used the packaged ramen without the packet, shiriitake noodles, or noodles from the Asian foods aisle. The mirin (also found in the Asian foods aisle) was the only thing I didn’t usually have on hand, but I do now thanks to this recipe!

  5. Thanks for sharing these pictures and words. That rock also looks a bit like the lower peninsula of Michigan! Your comments on these slices are so thoughtful. I can only imagine what a gift your responses to your students’ writing is to each of them. Wow!

  6. Lainie, would you believe that as I write this response, this very moment – I have eggs on to boil?? That I kind of live for those, too? That amazing-looking ramen soup immediately set my stomach to growling. Your photographic journey is full of wonder and gratitude – two of the greatest ingredients of a fulfilling life. You always inspire. The hope found in the surplus of masks. The energy (!!) of a walk in the words with a happy dog. The beauty of the deer (I know they are pests, but they are stunning to me) and in the moment of mutual regard. The rock – your friend will love it. All in all, such an uplifting post. Thank you ❤

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